9 Reasons To Thrift That Aren’t About Saving Money

It’s no secret that I love to thrift. After all, it is in the name of this blog. Seven months ago thrifting was a fun thing to do every now and then with friends. What started seven months ago as a passion for affordable clothing soon turned into a major lifestyle change. I went from shopping at Target and the mall to shopping at Salvation Army and Goodwill. I was getting more clothing than ever before, and saving major amounts of money. Of course, like the title of this post suggests, saving money is only one of the reasons to thrift. Actually, it’s not even my favorite.

There are a lot of stigmas when it comes to thrifting. Some of my friends won’t even give it a chance, despite seeing my awesome finds. Once you finally do, I can promise that you’ll be hooked. Contrary to what you might believe, thrift shops aren’t dirty. They aren’t filled with just secondhand finds, and not everything is ripped and torn. My top reasons for thrift will show you that.

Of course, nothing is as good as getting out and thrifting yourself. There’s something so fun about walking into the store not knowing what you’ll find and walking out with treasures that you never knew you needed. Trust me when I say that thrifting isn’t just about making yourself feel good. It’ much bigger than that. If nothing else, I hope that after reading my top reasons to thrift, you’ll at least consider stopping by your local store next time that you’re driving past.

1. Try Out New Styles

Normally trying out new styles means shopping either fast fashion or investing in high-end pieces. Both of those end up costing a lot of money. There’s also the possibility that you could get all of these new styles and end up hating them. With thrifting, you can walk in and try something new every single time — often without having to pay more than $5. The best part is that when you’re tired of a trend, you can just donate it and start over. You don’t have to hid the quirky item in the back of your closet because you’re too ashamed to throw it away after only wearing it once. The possibilities are endless.

2. Help The Environment

If you’ve been following along with me for a while now, you’ll know that one of the biggest reasons to thrift for me is that it helps the environment. According to Newsweek, only about 20 percent of clothing donated to stores like Salvation Army, resulting in part of the 80 percent of unwanted clothing ending up in landfills every year. I want to change that.

On top of that incredible statistic, the damage gets even worse when you considering shopping from fast fashion brands. Clothing production has been linked to global warming, according to Forbes. The publication found that the apparel industry is the second largest industrial polluter — second only to oil. Let that sink in for a moment. The more you thrift, the less you buy, the more the environment will thank you.

3. Find Hidden Treasures

There is no better feeling than finding something that you never knew that you needed. I like to call them treasures. If you’re anything like me, fashion is important to you. It’s an expression of who we are, but, to me, that doesn’t mean that I need to hurt the environment around us to get it. All it means is that I have to dig a little harder to find it. It all pays off in the end, when you find that hidden treasure.

4. Stock Up On Accessories

If you think that thrifting is only for clothing, then you are seriously mistaken. Depending on which stores you do to and in what neighborhood, you can find everything from furniture and decorations to shoes and sunglass. But my favorite thing to find at the thrift shop is jewelry.

I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving special items for anniversaries and birthdays, but I like being able to switch items in and out much more. At the thrift shop, you can find everything from costume and homemade pieces to high-end jewelry for less. I’m talking as low as $1 each. Most of the jewelry that I have comes from secondhand shops, and you would never guess.

5. Channel Different Eras

History has a way of repeating itself. I love seeing what trends from different eras come and go with time. What I don’t love is that some brands want to take something that has already been done and put a larger-than-life price tag on it. That’s where thrift shops come in. In the past few months, I’ve recreated some of my mom’s iconic fashion looks, tested out the ’70s, and embraced my love for the ’90s. All while saving money at the same time.

6. Selling Clothing Online

There are tons of different online resale apps and websites. People sell everything from items from their closet to vintage items that they found online. Thrift shops are a great place to start building your online stock. You never know what you’ll find at at the thrift shop, and, even better, you never know what someone is willing to pay for it.

I have plenty of friends that use sites like Poshmark, ThredUp, and Mercari. They love to come thrifting with me to find items to resell. Whether you’re looking to sell to make a profit or just to genuinely share great items with other people, thrifting is a great way to do that.

7. Build A Versatile Wardrobe

A lot of people think that the thrift shop isn’t the place to find high-end, quality clothing. I’m here to tell you that that’s a lie. I bet you didn’t know this. Places like Target donate their excess to Goodwill. That means that you can find items that are brand new, with tags for way less. Odds are that you were going to buy them at Target anyways, so you might as well go hunt some down at the thrift shop. Am I right?

8. Decorate Your Home

Surprise! Sometimes my thrifting isn’t all about fashion. I love to walk up and down the knick knack aisles and find new mugs or pieces to decorate my room with. I love that you can find super unique, quirky piece at the thrift shop. On top of finding great pieces, I also love finding the bones for a great DIY project. Would you guys be interested in seeing some of my thrifted home items? Let me know in the comments.

Like I said before, not everything I find is secondhand. Target donates some of their home goods to the store as well. It’s a great way to ease yourself into shopping. Start off buying the brand new items you love and work your way into diving into the secondhand section full on. Everyone has to start somewhere.

9. Give Back

If you’re driving all the way to the thrift shop to find treasures, home goods, and new styles, you might as well bring a bag to donate as well. Instead of just throwing out your clothing or trying to sell items online, donating is a great way to give back to the stores that you love to shop. You might not know, but Goodwill and Salvation Army are both organizations that help people in need. That means the money that you give them for your clothing goes to a good cause.

Of course, there’s always the obvious reason to thrift as well. You save a whole lot of money! I said it once and I’ll say it again, I’ve bought more clothing and spent less money in seven months than I did all last year. I hope that you’ll give thrifting a chance. What’s your favorite reason to thrift? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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  1. I’m a bit intimidated by thrifting, but I’m so interesting in trying it out! I love the idea of dressing for a different era & trying out new styles for less great post, loved this one!

    1. It can be a bit intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll love it! I promise! If you end up going, please let me know! xx.

  2. I love this Kali! Thrifting is amazing! I’ve always done it for most of my life, thanks in part to the fact that my dad worked as a Salvation Army Truck Driver for the past 15 years! We wound up in Sallies a lot thanks to that, and the bulk of our furniture and clothes would always come from there. I started going to fast fashion places more when I moved out, but lately (also thanks to your thrift list!) I started thrift shopping again. I found lots of hidden treasures and ended up finding new styles that I really liked 😀

    1. Aw I love that! It’s so cool that your roots are in thrifting! I’m glad I could help get you back. You did AMAZING on my thrift list too! I hope you’ll do the August one with me too xx.

  3. I would totally be interested in seeing a thrifted home pieces D.I.Y. addition, I’ve found some beautiful handmade items at flea market style places and at antique stores <3. I've recently gotten into it and I like my finds so far. I didn't know that they donate new items from Target, there's a Goodwill near me, I need to check it out :).

    1. I was surprised to see that too! I’m so glad that you’ve gotten into secondhand shopping. I love antique shops SO much! xx.

      1. Yes! I found the cutest mason jar and I’m debating what to put inside <3. I also enjoy talking to the owners, to find out history about the shop and sometimes they have sales (like my blue mason jar ended up being 10% off).

    1. I thrift for books too! I actually am working on a complete Harry Potter series right now. So far I have four of the books haha xx.

  4. I had no idea how much environmental damage the fashion industry was responsible for x_x … I definitely need to look into thrifting! I’m a Londoner, so we have a lot of options xx

  5. Love this! Such great reasons, when it comes to shopping anything goes including thrifting 🙂 Plus as you said, there are so many hidden treasures to be had and history to discover! I love that aspect of it! <3

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