3 Questions I Ask Myself When Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday

The most wonderful time of the year also means the pressure to shop. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; Black Friday brings out the worst in people. The massive sales make people think that they need certain items. They push and shove to get things. It’s insane when you think about the concept. That’s why I came up with three questions that I ask myself before shopping. Because where your money goes is important and deserves taking the time to think about.

Shopping is easier than ever. All you have to do is swipe a piece of plastic or click a few buttons and you can buy just about anything you want. That also means that it’s easy to not think about where your money is going. Buyers remorse is real, but there’s an easy way to avoid it — thinking before you buy.

It’s all about feeling confident in your purchase.

Not just that you want the purchase, but that your money is supporting good people and meaningful items. I don’t just think about these questions before I shop on Black Friday though. I think about these questions all year ’round.

Just because I live purposefully doesn’t mean that I don’t love to shop. I have just as much fun filling up an online cart. These are the questions I ask myself before I click buy.

1. Will the item make my life better?

Before you roll your eyes, I get that this question is extremely vague. It’s supposed to be this way. It’s up to your to fill in what the word “better” means. For me, “better” means add meaning to it. But to you, it could mean making your life easier. Anything that you’re looking to gain.

Not everyone is on the journey to live purposefully as I am. Personally, I won’t buy an item just because proceeds go to charity or it’s a great designer. Instead, I buy because it will make my life more meaningful. most of the time that means exploring a new brand to share with you guys or spreading awareness by wearing it. Sometime it’s because I need something to wear for an event.

But it’s never just because I’m bored, which is important.

2. Who is getting my money?

I never used to think about this before my journey to live purposefully. It used to be all about the item and nothing more. I’ve made a habit of researching the brand before I buy. A connection is so important to me especially I’m giving them my money. I want to know that the person getting my hard-earned cash deserves it.

In the past year, I’ve read more “about” pages online than ever before. I’ve noticed that if a brand has a great message, they want you to see it right away. If you have to dig to find the about page of a company, they’re probably not worth your money. Know who you’re giving your money before you hit “send.”

A brand gets major points from me if they tell how the products are made, who makes them, and where my money goes. It’s also nice if a certain amount of proceeds go to charity, but I’m finding that the last aspect isn’t the most important to me. Any brand can donate, but it takes real effort to have a transparent business. More about that is coming to the blog later on.

3. What materials were used to make the item?

I’ve realized over the past year that the materials being used matters. Shirts made from organic or recycled cotton are better for the environment. Online products with recyclable packaging is important. The life of the item you buy is worth paying more for. It may not matter to everyone, but I pride myself on being exclusively eco-friendly — from the gifts I receive to the things I buy for myself.

Shopping doesn’t need to be stressful, but it does deserve a closer look. Promise me one thing this Black Friday — that you’ll think before you shop.


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  1. These are such great tips! While I am excited for Black Friday, I actually use it as a way to finish up my Christmas shopping (Which I have a list and am just waiting for the sales) or if I need something (sweaters, jeans, new leggings, under pinnings etc) I also prefer to do it form the comfort of my apartment or coffee shop lol. <3

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