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    My New Poshmark Strategy Is A Game-Changer For Your Closet

    If there are two things that I thoroughly enjoy, it’s thrifting and helping people build a more functional closet. Both of those combined is why I love Poshmark so much. Since I started using the app, my main Poshmark strategy has always been to give people great clothing for a great price. Yes, making money is great, but that’s not the sole purpose that I’m on the app. That’s why I decided to change up my Poshmark strategy to make my goal even more clear.

    When I first got on Poshmark, I listed unwanted items from my closet. The tactic worked fine. Well, okay more than fine. It paid my student loans and went towards building my own sustainable closet. Then I decided to pick up some good finds thrifting and post those on Poshmark, so that someone else can reap the benefits of a good deal. But eventually the tactic of posting whatever I found got boring.

    That led me to slacking on Poshmark, feeling uninspired, and, ultimately, taking a little break from the app. I got back on to list a few things for Dressember, with all money going to the non-profit, but I didn’t feel the same joy that I did before. Honestly, stepping back from the app gave me the ability to see my Poshmark tactic more clearly.

    Now I’m onto a different Poshmark strategy — building capsule wardrobes.

    What is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is basically a starter wardrobe. It’s a handful of items that you can mix and match to create different outfits. You can add as many items to the capsule collection as your little heart desires, but this is the starting point. Some people use this for a minimal clothing collection and others just use it as a base to find their personal style. There’s no wrong way to do it, but there are a tons of ways to create one.

    I have grown to be very passionate about capsule wardrobes, especially the deeper that I dive into fashion. No matter who you are or what your background is, you can benefit from a capsule wardrobe. That’s why I decided to make a strategic plan to curate different types of capsule wardrobes for Poshmark.

    It’s a win-win for me. First of all, I get to continue to thrift and put together Poshmark listings. I also get to make people’s lives a little easier by finding a cohesive wardrobe for them and giving it to them for a great price.

    It’s a passion of mine combined with a hobby that is really, truly fun. That, my friends, is the key to Poshmark.

    But enough about the “why” of it all. Let’s talk clothing. I spent some time going through my past listings, new finds, and some unwanted items from my own closet to put together four different collections. I call them my “edits.” There’s the EVERYTHING EDIT, BLUES EDIT, TURTLENECK EDIT, and COLORBLOCK EDIT.

    Each one is made up of a variety of items that all go together. Think: the same girl would wear every single item in the edit. If you like one of the items, there’s a good chance that you like them all. That’s the idea that I was going for. You can buy the pieces altogether for a steal, if I do say so myself, or purchase the items individually. the choice is yours, but both are there for you on my page right now.

    Capsule collections are not easy to create.

    First, you have to figure out what your personal style is. After that, you have to figure out what items are the most important to include in your wardrobe. The last, and what I would argue is the hardest part, is actually finding the items. You have to decide where you’re willing to look and be patient. Finding the right items takes time and dedication. Lucky for you, I’ve done all of that for you.

    If you can’t tell, I’m a little geeked out by capsule collections. I love every single thing about them. But it’s time to break down my two favorite capsule collections that I have listed so far — the EVERYTHING EDIT and the BLUES EDIT. All four edits on my page are very different, but theses two are the most cohesive and complete.


    This is a full summer collection. It was designed for the cool-girl who loves fashion, but isn’t willing to spend a lot of time and money finding the perfect look. It’s a fun, laid-back meets put-together style that has everything you need for casual days, nights out, and, when you add a pair of black slacks or white jeans, gives you enough work options, too.

    The colors are black, white, and rust red. The pop of color is there, but the rest of it is classic and modern. You are going to be able to wear these items for years to come, but will also stand out in a crowd.


    If you’re looking for something a little more feminine, this is the edit for you. The collection was made for the girl wants a clean, effortless look at all times. The bright white and light blue colors make for a great spring to summer collection.

    The five tops in this collection can all be work so many different ways. Two of the shirts can be worn at least two ways and the light blue tank makes for the perfect layerable piece. But what I really love about this edit is that you can build different neutrals and layers right into your closet. If this is your style, you likely already have a few other items that will blend seamlessly.

    There are two other edits on my page, just waiting for you to check out. I’d love to hear what you think of my new Poshmark strategy and what strategies that you have on the app, too. Everyone Poshes their own way, and that’s the beauty of the app.


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    This Will Be The Biggest Fashion Trend At Coachella, According to Poshmark

    There are a lot of ways to get fashion inspiration. Finding a new trend is as simple as opening your phone and scrolling through an app. But when it comes to summer fashion, Coachella is the kick off. The music festival brings in an average of 100,000 people per day. So it’s safe to say that you’ll find at least one person there to be inspired by. If you can’t make the trend, Poshmark has your back to let you know the biggest fashion trend at Coachella. Spoiler alert: it’s not the flower crown.

    According to the app, the biggest fashion trend at Coachella will be denim. Well, denim on denim on denim to be exact.

    Because just about everyone has a piece of denim, it’s readily available to all. That’s why I love this trend so much. According to Poshmark, there’s also a whole lot of it on the app to buy as well. The brand took a survey of ten counties in Southern California, where Coachella is is located, from February 24 to mach 24 and found that jean shorts and jean jackets are the fastest selling items.



    Get your jean jackets and high-waisted shorts ready, because summer is coming. There are some trends that come and go, but denim is one that will be around forever. Pretty much everyone has at least one pair of jeans or jean shorts in his or her closet. It’s one of the most simple pieces of clothing in a closet, but the most versatile.

    The market for jeans is expected to reach $20B in sales by 2023, according to Global Denim Market Analysis and Forecast to 2023. Basically, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

    I’ve found that the fastest moving fashion items in my closet are denim. The truth is that everyone is just out there looking for their perfect piece. Poshmark is the perfect place to find it. You can save money, find items no longer in stores, and even make money if you sell your own on Posh.


    Of course, not all denim brands are made equal. Some are known for its’ denim, which makes them some of the fastest selling items. According to Poshmark, the biggest selling denim jean brands are…

    1. Levi’s

    No surprise here. Levi’s, which is known globally for denim is the most popular jean brand on Poshmark. If you’re looking for a pair to rock during Coachella or any other summer festivity, this brand is a winner. Plus, you can make some serious money on the brand. I got the above jeans for $2 at Goodwill, cut them into shorts, and sold them for $20 on the app.

    2. Gap

    While jeans from this brand are between $25 and $80, you can find some really awesome deals on Poshmark. I haven’t personally sold any from this brand, but, according to a quick search, you can get them for right around $20. There are tons of different style too, which is likely what makes this brand so popular.

    3. Madewell

    The reason is in the name, my friends. This third bestseller shouldn’t come as a surprise, either. Madewell is known for its’ jeans that all ring in around the $100 to $150 mark. On Poshmark, you can get them for right around $50. Some people are even selling for as little as $25. There are tons of different styles too.


    The brand has named its’ top-selling brands for jean jackets as well. Levi’s ranks number one for tops as well, with One Teaspoon, and Miss Me bringing in the top three. While you’re shopping secondhand jeans, you might want to snag some jackets and vests as well. Apparently, this summer will be filled with denim head-to-toe.

    Coachella is the perfect excuse to stock up on more denim, but it can be worn to tons of other occasions. Even if you’re not going to jam out in the middle of a desert with a bunch of strangers, this is a fashion trend that you can get behind.



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    How I Pay My Student Loans Every Month Using Poshmark

    I am a woman of many passions. I write, I blog, I volunteer, and I run a book club. Like a lot of other people, I also have student loans to pay off. Growing up is hard and expensive. But I find that it’s a lot easier when you do the things that you love. I pay my student loans every month by using Poshmark, which just so happens to be something that I love doing. I’ve cracked the code to using the app, so you can do the same thing.

    With any app comes a plan of attack. It’s not a random chance that some people are getting tons of likes, sales, and comments, while other people struggle to get any. Whether it’s Poshmark, Instagram, or Facebook, every site has a different algorithm. Each one is constantly changing, but the key to doing well on a site depends on how well you know what you need to do to be successful.

    The first step to selling on Poshmark is to know how the app works. Of course, anyone can get on the website and try to sell. The good news is that the app doesn’t cost anything and there’s an even playing field. There are ways to make sure your posts get noticed and the right users see your listings.

    I’ve figured it out and managed to pay my student loan payment off by using the app the first month. It’s month number two and I’m on track to do the same. It’s all about knowing the social media website.

    None of it happened by accident though. I had the pleasure of asking the CEO of Poshmark Manish Chandra a few questions about the app recently. I have a blog post laying out how to make Poshmark a side hustle, but there was one thing he said that has helped me make all of my sales.

    “We built this platform to allow shoppers all over the country to connect, learn and have fun, so engage with your fellow Poshers just as you would on social media — spread the love by liking and sharing their listings, and they’ll do the same,” Chandra says.


    They don’t call it a side hustle for no reason. You need to put the work in to be successful, just like anything else in life. I can’t do the work for you, but I can tell you what has worked for me. Here are some tips that I’ve followed that have worked out in my favorite. Because, like I said before, it’s no coincidence that some people do extremely well on the website and others don’t.

    1. Know the app.

    You need to know the website you’re on to do well. I’m stressing this first point a lot, because it’s the most important one. You have to share, like, and interact with people in order to do well on Poshmark. It’s as simple as that. I’m not saying that you have to join parties and be on the app every second of every day, but you do have to check in throughout the day.

    2. Post regularly.

    You should also be posting new listings every day. Even if it’s just once a day, people need to see that you’re active in order to be boosted to the top. I’ve found that most people are active at night. I like to post first thing in the morning, share throughout the day, and then add another listing at night.

    3. Take your time with listings.

    Unlike other online clothing selling apps, everything from the photo to the listing name is up to you. That means that you’re going to have to put in the work to be successful. Take your time with photos and listings.

    The clearer the photo the more people will want to click it. The more information that you share the more people will trust you. It’s as simple as that. I like to think to myself, “would I click on it?” I will only upload the photos that I would be comfortable buying. You can’t just expect to make money with no effort.

    4. Know what you’re selling.

    I love to go thrifting and sell things that I find. It’s a great way to recycle clothing and make money at the same time. But you have to know what you’re selling and be fair. I see way too many people that overprice their items. Don’t price things for sentimental value. If it means that much to you, just don’t sell it. That being said, don’t be afraid to decline lowball offers, when you know it’s worth more. Simply put, be fair.

    5. Share, share, and share some more.

    Consistency is key when on Poshmark. If you share people’s posting, they will share yours. Just like any other social media site, you will find people that regularly support you, if you support them. As someone that is extremely introvert, I love that aspect. That being said, you also need to share your own listings. The more people that see the post, the better. There’s no shame in sharing your postings every single day — even if it’s the same one.

    Have any questions? Let me know in the comments! I want to see you be successful at Poshmark and make money. It’s such a good feeling to make money for what you love. Any way that I can help out, I would love to!


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    How To Turn Poshmark Into A Side Hustle, According To The Brand’s Founder

    As much as giving is on my list to do more of this year, I can’t resist a good side hustle. I love pouring my time and heart into something and being rewarded. If it can make me a little money while I’m doing it, then that’s even better. Lately, my side hustle has been Poshmark. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I make millions on the app, because I don’t. But, when I’m on my game, I can make a little chunk of money to put towards my thrift obsession or gas for the week.

    Poshmark is set up so that you are in control of your feed. The online clothing-selling app is like a tiny little virtual boutique that you control. Just that aspect alone excites me so much, as a clothing lover. You choose everything from the price to the images. While it’s exciting to have that much control, it also puts the “hustle” in the Poshmark side hustle. You have to work for what you earn.

    When it comes to a side hustle, I work hard to make it the best that it can be. So, naturally, I reached out to the CEO of Poshmark Manish Chandra to pick his brain on what brings success with the app. I asked him about everything from secondhand fashion to what makes a great Poshmark closet.

    “From day one, our mission has been to make shopping simple and fun by connecting people around a shared love of fashion, while empowering entrepreneurs to become the next generation of retailers,” Chandra says about the app.

    He also had some pretty great tips on how to be the best Posher that you can be. According to Chandra, there are three tips for making Poshmark a side hustle. It’s all about knowing the app and knowing what people want.


    1. “Don’t rush.”

    It can be exciting to choose the clothing that you want to sell and throw it online, in hopes of making some extra cash. But in order to be a effective Posher, you need to take your time choosing items and making sure they look great.

    “It’s important to take time while creating a listing,” Chandra says. Creating a unique photo set-up, finding the right lighting and adding in a detailed description will help shoppers make a quick sale.”

    Personally, I like to think of it as only uploading what I would want to see. While it is a pain in the butt to make sure the photos are clear, aesthetically pleasing, and shows details of everything, it is always worth it.

    2. “Check out our Brand Spotlight.”

    This feature is new to the app. Each week, there is a new best-selling brand spotlighted on the homepage. Chandra didn’t explain exactly how the specific brands are chosen, but I can attest to how important the section is. The brand spotlight is one of the main groups that I click on whenever I’m on the app. So if you can get your listings into this group, then you’ll have lots of sale success. It’s also a great way to find new Poshmark closets.

    According to Chandra, some of the top selling brands are Nike, Lululemon, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, J. Crew, and Tory Burch. While you can list anything that your little heart desires, it’s good to keep these brands on your radar, if you’re really looking to build a side hustle.

    3. “Be yourself and spread the love.”

    Poshmark is first and foremost a social media app, believe it or not. The app was created for people to communicate and connect with people in the community. Even actually selling the clothes comes second. That means the algorithm is similar to Instagram, in that you need to get likes, comments, and shares to get noticed.

    “We built this platform to allow shoppers all over the country to connect, learn and have fun, so engage with your fellow Poshers just as you would on social media — spread the love by liking and sharing their listings, and they’ll do the same,” Chandra says.

    If you’re good at Instagram, there’s a good chance that you’ll be good at Poshmark too. Of course, the app is set up so that anyone can do it. But if you want it to be a side hustle, you’re going to have to work for it.

    Just like anything else, hard work and support go a long way with this side hustle. If there’s anything better than getting money for your clothes, it’s knowing that someone will give a new life to something you were going to throw away. Fashion lovers, rejoice, because there’s a method to the madness.


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    Is Poshmark Considered Thrifting? Here’s How The App Stacks Up

    With millions of people on Poshmark, there’s a good chance that you have a profile. Maybe you’ve uploaded a profile image and liked a few clothing photos already. Then, my friend, you are on your way to becoming a thrifter. Poshmark has a good rep. People think of it more as earning money than buying secondhand. But, let’s be honest, if you’re on there selling, there’s a good chance that you’re on there buying as well.

    Some people hate the thought of stepping into a thrift store yet are selling clothing online. I hate to burst all of those peoples’ bubbles, but they’ve already joined the thrift party. No matter how you want to explain Poshmark, it all comes down to secondhand clothing. Not all of the items are marked as low as some of the ones I find at Goodwill, but one thing is for sure — you never know what you will find.

    So, is Poshmark considered thrifting? The short answer is yes, but it’s so much more than that. Because you don’t have to physically go into the store, there are more aspects to it than just thrifting. There’s communication, presentation, comments, likes, and follows. It’s a lot more complicated than just waltzing into thrift store and browsing the aisles.

    Poshmark is thrifting, but it’s disguised as a social media website.


    When I talked tot he CEO of Poshmark Manish Chadra via email, he made it very clear that the app is meant to be a social media site that happens to be about selling clothing. In his own words, it’s also an app meant to “empowering entrepreneurs to become the next generation of retailers.”

    It’s hard to ignore the basis of the app though — to sell clothing. There’s been stories out there about people making an exorbitant amount of money on Poshmark. In 2015, a single mom reportedly made $500,000 in three years and another woman sold 400 items in three months.The later was featured as a “success story” on the Poshmark blog. It’s hard to ignore the resale aspect.

    “Poshmark is so much more than a resale shopping platform,” says Chandra. “Millennials are drawn to the marketplace because it’s a social shopping experience. People engage with each other on the app through likes, comments and shares, similar to that of a social network, making it a community-driven social shopping network.”

    For those of you not familiar, each photo or listing on Poshmark can be liked or shared by other, as the brand calls their users, Poshers. The entire process is extremely similar to Facebook. As Chandra says, the app is meant to bring people together.


    Despite the communal aspect of the brand, Poshmark is very much thrifting. Oddly enough, neither Chandra nor co-founder and vice-president of merchandising Tracey Sun touched base on any of the eco-friendly aspects of the app. But it’s hard to deny that it’s there. If you’re selling your clothing, rather than throwing them out, you are saving them from the landfill.

    “With fast fashion brands churning out new styles more frequently, today’s shoppers are looking to create revolving closets to keep up with these trends,” Sun says. “Reselling clothes on Poshmark is the best way to make that happen: clean out your closet, list and sell new and gently worn items, and use the funds from your closet purging to purchase new clothing trends, without leaving the app or digging into your bank account.”

    That sounds a whole lot like how I’ve described thrifting in the past. It’s a way to keep your style fresh and try out new looks without breaking the bank. The only difference is that Sun is insinuating that you will take the money that you earn and put it back into the app by buying from other Poshers.

    Of course, thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army don’t pay you to donate clothing, so there is that difference. Think of Poshmark as thrifting on steroids. A place that you can keep your unwanted clothing out of the landfill and make some extra money on the side.


    I’m not exactly sure why neither wanted to touch on the eco-friendly aspect of Poshmark. If you ask me, it’s definitely there. The app is like owning your own secondhand boutique. You’re in control of photos, pricing, and who gets to buy from you.

    Whether you’re using it to save clothing from the landfill or are just looking to make a side hustle, the choice is yours. Either way, you can breathe easy knowing that you’re one step closer to tackling thrifting.