DIY Mom Jeans & A Sneak Peek Of The Thrift List August

I love to thrift, but sometimes I just can’t find the right fit. That’s especially true when I’m on the hunt for jeans. I am extremely short with thick thighs, so it’s hard to find something that fits right even in the department store. Sometimes it’s just easier to make my own. Cue the DIY mom jeans. I turned the most un-perfect pair of mom jeans into shorts with just a few simple snips. Plus, in true Thriftonista form, I had to put my own spin on it.

You guys asked me to do more DIYs on the blog, and I have been waiting for the right way to introduce them. The Thrift List for August was the perfect time. In case you haven’t already checked it out, the list has mom jeans or shorts on it. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair that fit me for a while now.

I knew that I wanted something light wash that was either Gap of Levi. I know, I know. Brands don’t necessarily matter when I’m thrifting, but I’m a sucking for those tags on the back.

It took me a few days, but I finally found the right pair. They were high-waisted, from Gap, and looking like they stepped right out of the ’90s. The only problem was that they were waaay too long. Since The Thrift List didn’t specify, I decided on a pair of DIY mom jeans. So, yes, you will be seeing these again at the end of the month, but here’s a little sneak peek.

DIY mom jeans

I am a firm believer that if you can find the exact right item, you should work with what you’ve got. It would be a million times easier to go to an online website, search mom jeans, and have them sent to my house. But where’s the fun in that?

When I brought these home, my mom said, and I quote, “those look like jeans that I used to wear in the ’90s.” SCORE. You guys know I love the ’90s, so I was excited to bring the style into the 21st century.

I got these jeans for โ€” drumroll, please โ€” $4! At that price, I didn’t even feel bad about giving them a little upgrade. Whether they turned out amazing, which they did, or it was a DIY fail, I didn’t invest too much. I find the best DIYs are the ones that you don’t have to plan too much.

DIY mom jeans

I think these turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. All I did was lay them out, give them a chop, and roll them a few times. It was really that simple. I made sure to cut them a little longer than I wanted them, so that I could roll them a few times.

The first time around, they were too long. I slipped them off and gave them another chop. After that was my perfect length. All in all, this took me about ten minutes to complete. All I needed was the jeans and a pair of fabric scissors.

“I am a firm believer in the motto that if you can find the exact right item, work with what you’ve got.”

I didn’t just stop there though. Instead, I made them a little bit more modern with some patches. Pins & patches have been my favorite way to brighten outfits up lately. I purchased these initials a while ago and have been waiting for the perfect time to use them.

All I had to do was lay them down and put the iron on them for a few seconds. It was that simple.ย I wish I could say it took talent, but serious anyone could do this.

DIY mom jeans

I never thought of myself as a mom jean wearer, but I think I have been converted. The high waist and big zipper make these so comfortable. Surprisingly, they aren’t. These might just be the most comfortable pair of shorts that I own.

Not to mention that they have my initials on them. They were made by and for me.

I also really love that I got to choose the length. Unlike the majority of other 20-somethings out there, I like longer shorts. Not pulling them down every five seconds is ideal. It’s a shame that I’m getting into the groove now that summer is almost over.

DIY mom jeans

I know that these aren’t perfectly cut, or even for that matter, but I really like these. If you haven’t DIY-ed anything, you don’t know what you’re missing. It feels so good to make something yourself. Knowing that no one else in the world has these shorts is such an oddly satisfying feeling.

What do you guys think of these DIY mom jeans? I know that it’s a simple fix, but that’s why I wanted to share them. Anyone reading this can do this. All it takes is a little bit of time and the right thrift find. It’s amazing what you can do with a thrift find.


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  1. These look so cute, I love the KB!! I honestly didn’t actually understand what ‘mom jeans’ were on the list, so I was just looking at jeans Just to clarify, they’re high waisted with a big zipper? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Super cute, those shorts scream DIY there’s so much you could do with them! I love the pink initials! And I enjoyed reading, well writtenโœจ

  3. I love these! And you did such a great job on them! I love the patch on the back so cute! Also you KNOW I can relate. I learned very quickly at a young age to learn to sew/hem pants or else! Amazing job lady! <3

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