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Choose “And” Over “Or” With Frank And Oak’s Charitable Collection

Frank And Oak

Growing up, I was very lucky to be constantly surrounded by strong women. I am the person that I am today because of the women that I know. They didn’t tell me that I could be anything I wanted to be. Instead, they made me feel it. Not everyone is that lucky, but there is a way to get a constantly sartorial reminder. Frank And Oak created their “And” collection as a reminder that you don’t have to choose between what you want in life. It’s simple, sweet, and an amazing message to spread.

Frank And Oak isn’t a brand that I typically wear. They’re neither eco-friendly nor sustainable, but their “And” collection really hit a sweet spot with me. They created a white t-shirt and grey crewneck with the word “and” on it. It might seem simple, but the message isn’t.

“What if the things that set us apart bring us closer together. What if instead of saying ‘or’, we say And,” it says on the Frank And Oak website. “We’re proud to donate $5 of each purchase to Equitas, an organization that works to eradicate the causes of poverty and promote human rights for all.”

I want to point out that a $5 donation is somewhat of a copout. Yes, it’s nice to give any money back. But it only works out to less than 10 percent donated for the $70 sweatshirt and about 20 percent of the $35 t-shirt.

Frank And Oak

When Frank And Oak sent over this shirt to me, I was instantly intrigued. What’s so special about a plain white shirt with one word on it? Then I wore it. People were instantly interested when they saw the simple design. My family and friends stopped me to ask why I was wearing it, which is the key to purposeful clothing.

It’s not about what I’m wearing, but why I’m wearing it.

To me, “and” doesn’t mean doing it all. I really hate that phrase to be completely honest. No one — woman or man — can do absolutely everything. But you can do this and that. And the other that. And even more. It’s not about being given a choice, but about mastering them both.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you did in the past. Follow the passions that pop up. Transform your life. Get on another track. It’s never to late to add more to your life.

Frank And Oak

I realized how extremely lucky that I am while talking to people about the shirt. My family has never made me make a specific choice in the life I live. I was never told that I could be a mother or have a career. Or that I could be pretty or smart. It was always just implied that I could do anything that I wanted — even if that changed from day to day. I want to wear this shirt to spread the message to those who might not know that lesson so easily.

It’s time to put an end to the word “or” and think more about “and.”

The charitable aspect of this collection puts even more meaningfulness behind the line. Like I said before, Frank And Oak is donating $5 from every purchase to Equitas. The foundation is an association that works to eradicate the causes of poverty and build a world based on the principles of justice, equality and respect in Canada and around the world, according to the brand’s website.

Frank And Oak

If you’re looking to stock up for yourself or to buy a purposeful holiday gift, you should do it fast. Frank And Oak will be continuing the sale of these shirts for now, but they won’t be around forever. Of course, the message can be spread all year long. You don’t need a shirt to believe in “and” over “or.”

If nothing else, I hope this post at least has you look at your own life. How do you make your decisions? Are you limiting yourself to this or that? I hope not, because you deserve so much more. In fact, you deserve is all.



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  • ektabasu

    Hey hon amazing post..I always prefer ‘And’ over ‘Or’…keep inspiring us..

    December 11, 2017 at 9:22 am Reply
    • KaliBorovic

      I’m glad it could resonate with you! Thanks for stopping by xx.

      December 11, 2017 at 9:30 am Reply

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