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Gift Guide: Top Subscription Services

It can be hard to shop for other people, even when it comes to close friends and family. Especially when you’re down to the wire, flustered, and can’t seem to find the perfect gift. That’s where subscription services save the day.

There are tons of different types out there — not just beauty. Although those are some of my favorite kinds, there’s a subscription service for every thing you can possibly imagine. From subscription boxes that are purely for fun to the ones that save you some shopping time, I’ve put together some of the best out there for this gift guide.

As easy as this gift is to give, it also super fun to get. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love getting mail?! Plus the person receiving the box gets to personalize it to all the types of products that they love and in some cases even pick exactly what they want. It’s a win-win for everyone!

So id you’re looking for a last minute gift, subscription boxes are the ones for you. Here are some of the best out there, in my opinion.

Book Of The Month

It’s no coincidence that Book of the Month is the first on my list of favorites. I love to read and it’s something that I love to splurge on. Each month you get your choice of five new titles and they send it straight to your door. You can skip a month too, if you don’t like any of the options. Each book comes embossed with the logo and month as well, so you’ll always remember when you read it.

Plus if you go through my link and use the code FRIEND50, you’ll get 50 percent off a three month subscription. There’s no better time to try!

Foot Cardigan

I bet you weren’t expecting this one! This company sends socks straight to your door every month. While it’s not the most practical for me, my brother absolutely loves sock. Probably as much as I love books actually, so this is perfect for him.

The company has everything from dress socks to no-shows to quirky prints and colors. It’s also tailored for women, men, and even children. Basically, there’s something for every sock-lover in your life. Getting socks for the holiday has never been more fun!

Allure Beauty Box

To no surprise, beauty boxes are also some of my favorites. What’s great about this one is that all of the products are picked out by Allure editors. They’re items that you’ve already been eyeing up and dying to try. While their customer service is pretty terrible (sorry, it’s true), the boxes are always worth the price


Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me. I love oral care. Random, but true. So when I realized there was a subscription service for tooth brushes, I was pretty excited.

When you sign up, they send you an electronic toothbrush and toothpaste. Then you’ll get your brush heads and toothpaste in the mail every three months. Not only is it super convenient, but it’s also the easiest way to make sure you’re changing out the heads often enough. Oh! And it’s timed, so you’ll know exactly how long to brush for. It’s the little things in life.


Out of all the other beauty subscriptions out there, I decided on GlossyBox. Not only do they constantly give you a bang for your buck, but they personalize the package really well. Not to mention they change up there packaging as well, so it’s super fun opening them every month.

Are there any great subscriptions services out there that I missed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out!



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