How I Started Thrifting…

How I Started Thrifting

I was recently named a Top 60 Thrifting Blog. To be completely honest, I didn’t even know that was a thing. I woke up and checked my email, just like any other morning, and found an email congratulating me. The moment came right after a mini blogging break and really got me thinking about the past year and a half of my life. From how I started thrifting to the hauls that you’ve seen, it’s all led up to this moment.

In the past year, I’ve showed you thrift hauls, chronicled anniversary outfits, and even given some tips on how you can thrift too. Friends have joined me on thrift trips, I’ve explored new shops, and there’s even been a few collabs on the page.

As I read the congratulatory email, I realized that I never told you guys the most important part — how I started thrifting. I never dove in and gave you guys a feel for why I’m so passionate about what I do. Because, yes, it is about helping to save the planet, but my reason is a little more selfish that that.

Want to hear the full story? Click here to read how I started thrifting.

How I Started Thrifting

The last year of blogging was about showing you guys that thrifting can be trendy. You can get amazing, dare I say trendy, outfits from the thrift store. I saved money, grew my closet, and spread the word.

Tons of you guys have reached out to me about learning more about thrifting. It’s not always enough to see what I bought. The whole point of my blog is to show you that you guys can start thrifting too. I want to prove to you that it’s easy, but I haven’t been doing my job well enough.

This is the year that you join me.

This is your formal invitation to a year of thrifting. I’m going to come up with ebooks, guides, and encouraging posts that make secondhand shopping a little easier. I hope that the story of how I started thrifting shows you that day one isn’t as intimidating as you might think. Anyone can do this!

How I Started Thrifting

While there are some secrets and tips that I can share, it doesn’t take an expert to start thrifting. In fact, it takes the exact opposite. Whether you’re going to a thrift shop to find great items or just stumbled in accident, this is the beginning of a new year for you, and I’m here to help.

I’d love for you to comment some of your biggest thrift questions below. Want to know how I wash secondhand clothing? How I budget my trips? How I decide what’s worth the money? Let me know! The easiest way for me to help, id to get a better idea of what you need. I can’t wait for another year of thrifting, and this time with you.

xx, Kali


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    Lovely insight into your beginnings as a thrifter (: thanks for sharing!

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