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PACT Is Revolutionizing The Fashion World Through Basics

fashion revolution

There are tons of different clothing items out there. Some are designed to catch your eye and make you talk. Others are just, well, good. PACT Organics is creating a fashion revolution with basics that you wear every single day. No frills, and no gimmicks. They take classic items like plain white t-shirts, maxi dresses, and underwear, blend it with integrity and transparency, and give you everything you need to look and feel good.

When I think of the perfect brands, I think of clothing that I can wear every day and a company that loves people as much as they love making sales. PACT is that brand. Founder Brendan Synnott knows people. He knows what they want, what’s important to them, and how to run a business that is pure good from every angle.

The Fair Trade Certified, organic cotton brand takes everything that is good about clothing and put it into one line. At first glances, the line looks basic. There’s plain tees, dresses, and even socks. It’s nothing flashy, but every single item is made the best way possible. PACT cares about people at its’ core. They think about the people buying just as much as they do about who is making the clothing. That, my friends, is revolutionary.

fashion revolution

PACT is fashion that you can be yourself in, because it’s as good as it gets.You can style these items with almost everything in your warrobe. These are the items that take up the most room in your closet. Almost everyone has a plain white tee, leggings, and sports bras in her closet. It’s about time that we out thought into the clothing that comes naturally.

“The stuff that we make is in every single person’s closet and you have multiple of them,” Synnott says. “It’s something that you’re going to buy over and over again and is ultimately giving you a great sense of comfort.”

That comfort doesn’t just come from the softness of the items. It’s about a comfort in knowing that everyone involved in the clothing that your wearing was treated and paid fairly. That is the ultimate sense of comfort when it comes to fashion. It’s about knowing that the item you’re wearing is good in all aspects.

The thought that has gone into this line is incredible. Synott originally started in the food industry. He challenged top brands like Kellog’s way of thinking about business and stuck to his personal morals to grow the ethical, healthy food business Bear Naked. He did it so well that Kellog’s actually bought the business from him.

“Every day we put [clothing] on our bodies. We make the choice to put it on in the morning. We make a choice to put it on when we get home after work. Building on the consistency that consumers have with that part of their wardrobe was, for me, the best place to go build a brand that ultimately focussed on building the product the right way,” says Synott.

After being a part of the healthy food revolution, he decided to take on the fashion revolution. Using organic cotton, personal morals, and a whole lot of heart, he’s doing it. Not only is he showing that there’s a need for this type of clothing, he’s also doing it through basics. That’s a fashion revolution from the bottom up.

Of course, there’s the actual comfort too. Each clothing item is made from organic cotton. It’s sourced ethically, the farmers are paid fairly, and no one gets sick in the process. Synott actually described going to meet the people that help source the cotton. He described sitting in the hut, talking to the famers, and it gave me chills to hear someone so passionate. Not about clothing, but about people in general.

“People hear organic and they think, ‘oh, that’s great for the environment’ and yes, it is, but the actual bigger impact, specifically within cotton, is the impact of the farming communities and the people portion of it,” synott says.

I don’t just wear PACT. I live in PACT. This is clothing that anyone can wear, but not just anyone can produce. Just about any brand can partake in fast fashion trends and make a replica of what’s already been done. It takes a special brand to go out of their way to perfect something so basic. There’s nothing to hide behind, because it’s basics.

fashion revolution

Don’t underestimate this brand. This, my friends, is how a fashion revolution is created. You take something that everyone needs, but not everyone can make. It’s a brand with heart, integrity, and compassion. There’s nothing in this world that will get you further than that.




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    Wow, what a cool company! Love coming to your blog to discover new brands (:

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    This is such a cool brand!

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