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7 Purposeful Black Friday Sales That Are Worth The Splurge

Black Friday

Ready for a little secret? I hate Black Friday. I really, truly do. Between my anxiety and my dislike for fast fashion, the day has never been fun for me. This year I decided to find a way to use the day to my advantage, and I have done just that. I found five purposeful Black Friday sales that are worth every cent of your money. Forget everything you know about your typical Black Friday, because I’m about to show you how it can be a major win for you, your wallet, and the environment.

Before we start, it’s not that I don’t like saving money or holiday shopping. Those are actually two of my top favorite things. What I don’t like about Black Friday is that everyone thinks that they NEED things. They see something and just grab it without thinking for the fear of someone else having it. It seriously brings out the worst in people.

There are some sales that are definitely worth it though. I’m talking the ones that have all-natural and eco-friendly items for way less. Plus you can buy them all online, so you don’t have to leave in the middle of dinner. No lines, pushing, or crowded stores!

Let’s get to the fun part — amazing, purposeful items for less. I’ve found some incredible items that are all tried and true. The best part that all of them are good for the environment and most have a charitable aspect as well. These are the perfect gifts, whether you’re looking to stock up for yourself or someone else.

1. La Canadienne

Black Friday

The company is giving customers 25 percent off certain styles for the full four-day Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend — no code needed.

I’m going to say this right now and save the surprise — this is a luxury brand. It’s definitely something to splurge on, but it’s the perfect way to start your eco-friendly closet with a bang. Plus I always get compliments when I wear these out.

To start, La Canadienne uses environmentally friendly dyes and completely recyclable packaging. They also use hides available that are by-products of the food industry. So, no, they’re not vegan, but they do use materials that would otherwise be discarded.


Black Friday

Instead of doing a typical Black Friday sale, OTEM is donating 25 percent of every single purchase to Planned Parenthood.

If I could come up with my own jewelry line, this is exactly what it would be like. The acknowledge the problem with fast fast — that it’s cheap and will likely end up in a landfill. They do everything that they can to combat that.

According to their website, they “use only the highest quality materials that mitigate [their] environmental impact, and pay fair wages in NYC to highly skilled artisans who are proud of their work.” They even have an entire breakdown of every single material they use, so you can see exactly where it comes from.

3. Seek Collective

Black Friday

Get 20 percent off of all orders from Nov. 20 to the 30 with the code THANKYOUTHANKYOU.

I’m obsessed with Seek Collective. They’re pricey, but for a good reason. Every single item is simple and thoughtful. That’s way better than fast fashion, if you ask me. The brand has staple items like tees, pants, and jumpsuits that have a quirky twist and will last you for a while.

Seek Collective is committed to sustainability and social responsibility at every single step. They put thought into their clothing and use techniques like “natural dyers, hand block printers, and hand loom weavers” — practices that take time and purpose.

4. Proud Mary

Black Friday

Shop the entire website at 15 percent off on Nov. 27 with the code cybermonday.

Okay, so technically this is a Cyber Monday sale, but I had to add it in here. There is something for everyone on this website. I’m talking everything from accessories and shoes to clothing. The brand is minimal, but has the perfect pops of color. It definitely gives off a ’70s vibe too.

Proud Mary is another company that is preserving age-old techniques that have been thrown by the wayside thanks to fast fashion. The brand partners with artisans in Mexico, Morocco, Mali, Dominican Republic, and Bolivia to create jobs. They give an entire breakdown of how many people are working with the company and how much money it gives back to the communities.

5. Back Beat Rags

Black Friday

The brand is offering 20 percent off using the code GIMMETHANKS, from Nov. 24 to the 27.

If you’re going for an edgier, street-style vibe, Back Beat Rags is the one for you. I’d say that this brand is the closest eco-friendly brand to fast fashion I’ve come across thus far. They have a mix of vintage styles and graphic tees that are trendy yet meaningful at the same time.

While outsourcing is great when it comes to charity, this company make every single item in California. Back Beat Rags uses locally knitted fabric from Los Angeles and use recycled and compostable shipping methods. On top of that, they also use low-impact goods like GOTS-certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, hemp, and tencel to lower their footprint.

6. Bloom & Give

Black Friday

On Black Friday only, shop the entire website at 20 percent off with the code BUSTLE.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know about this brand. With every purchase from Bloom & Give, you’ll give back to women’s education in India. You’ll also preserve the hand-looming process at the same time.

7. Urb Apothecary

Black Friday

Get 20 percent off site-wide on Black Friday and Cyber Monday using the code CYBERHERB20.

I know that Black Friday is typically all about fashion, but I had to throw this one in there too. Good skincare and beauty items can be expensive. Especially when it comes to using organic, all-natural ingredients. That makes Black Friday the perfect time to stock up on some new brands.

I’ve loved everything that I’ve tried from Urb Apothecary. In fact, I’ll be stocking up on some more items on Black Friday myself. According to the website, they use only the highest quality organic ingredients and are cruelty-free, sls-free, synthetics fragrance-free, and free of chemical additives and preservations. Your face will thank you.

I guess Black Friday isn’t so bad after all!




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    love this! I h8 black friday, but it’s a bit more bearable online & when you know the company is giving back thanks for sharing!

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      Exactly! It’s all about choosing your battles haha xx.

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