How I Make My Christmas Tree Purposeful & Trendy

Christmas Tree

I love to see what trends come out every single year for Christmas. Just like the season’s best shoes or hats, there’s always new fads for decorations each year. I’ve really been loving the play on the traditional red and green with pink and green instead. But what I’ve had the most fun with is making my Christmas tree my own. I can do whatever I’d like to my tree, because it’s mine and mine alone. This year, to follow the trend of, well, my entire life, I decided to make it as purposeful as possible.

Okay, that’s a little bit of a lie. I actually just started decorating with ornaments that means the most to me and it magically transformed into a purposeful tree. I guess I must be doing something right!

It all started with a trip to Catherine’s Christmas with my grandma. (I’ll be taking you on a tour of the place this Blogmas, so I won’t spoil too much.) Every year, she buys me a new ornament to put in my collection. The first year brought a pink Santa, a stack of books, and a pickle. We added a coffee cup and a truck with a tree on it this year. It’s one of my favorite newfound traditions.

Before we start, no these first decorations aren’t sustainable, eco-friendly, or upcycled ornaments. They are things with a memory attached. Some things are worth the splurge. For me, it’s memories in hanging form.

Christmas Tree

One of my favorite things to collection at the thrift shop — besides clothing and mugs — is old books. Fun fact about me; I took a history of books class in college, and I’ve been obsessed with different spines, styles, and etchings ever since. Naturally, when you collect things, everyone love to buy them for you. I decided to take one of the books my mom gave to me and put it to good use.

I upcycled old book pages into new ornaments.

Crafting is in my blood. My entire family loves to create, so my book page ornaments came after a boring Friday night spent inside. They were simple to make and add the perfect vintage touch that I was looking for for my Christmas tree.

All I did was rip out a few page, cut out ten of the same sized circles, staple them, and bend over the pages. I added a clear string to hang them for the tree and that was it. The rustic Christmas tree look is definitely in this year. I went for vintage instead. Because the thriftier the tree, the more me it is!

These ornaments aren’t just about looking great though. It’s all about making an old item new again. Plus they remind me of my mom every time I look at them.

Christmas Tree

The last touch on my Christmas tree is the handmade crocheted snowflakes. They were made my great-grandma, who passed away when I was young. We had a really great relationship. As the oldest and very first grandchild, I always felt that we had a special bond, so they added the perfect purposeful touch.

When my mom found the snowflakes in her closet, I knew I had to add them on their somehow. My grandma liquid starched them for me, so they would be able to hold up on the tree. After some clear string, they were ready to be added to my holiday collection.

It’s four generations of women all in one tree.

Is there anything more purposeful than giving a once forgotten item a new meaning? I think not. The ornaments are a representation of some of the strongest women I know — three generations of red-headed ladies that I love so much.

Christmas Tree

What do you think of my ornaments this year? It was the first time that I decorated a full-sized Christmas tree, so I’m open for any tips you might have! It looks a little bare, but I’m hoping that in a few years I can add even more purposeful items to my collection. I love the idea of changing it up every year too.

The way I see it, a Christmas tree is the perfect way to have a year in review. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they decorate their tree. Whether it’s with handmade ornaments, trendy items, or both, decorations are a great way to celebrate the type of year you’ve had.

For me, that means vintage-looking ornaments, old-fashioned glass baubles, and hand-me downs. What does yours look like?

Christmas tree

I’ll also be wearing a dress every day in December. It’s all to raise awareness and funds to help end human trafficking. You can follow along with my wardrobe journey on my Instagram story page as well.

You can donate to my Dressember fund here!


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  1. Love love LOVE this! Some of my favorite ornaments are from my great great grandfather who was a wood carver and made all these handmade hand painted ornaments. My mom has saved all the handmade ornaments we made in school and always puts them on our big tree I love it!

      1. They really are. Somehow the older generations were incredibly crafty but failed to pass it on to me ;p I was actually thinking I have to do a blog post about ornaments:) I have a skating tree, and every year I get a new skating ornament to put on mine. <3

    1. Thanks so much! I try not to take my decorating too seriously, so I loved that they all ended up having such an organic meaning behind them! xx.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m so glad it could inspire you to think about your own tree. Make sure to tag me if you share a photo! I would love to see it xx.

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