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It Took Me 56 Seconds To Realize I Needed A Blog

I was 525 feet in the air, hair blowing and goosebumps on my skin. The sun was shining, and I felt like I was on top of the world. That’s when I knew that I needed a blog.

But I guess I should start from the beginning instead of beginning at the end. My family decided to go for a short vacation to Put In Bay in early August. On the third and final day on the island, my dad and I decided to go to Perry’s War and Peace Monument. How can there be a war and peace monument in the same place? I don’t know, but it was ironic that I was going there with my dad. We had a war-peace relationship of our own.

We left for the monument in the early morning. The sun was just starting to rise in the sky and there was a cool breeze rolling off the lake that made the low 80 degree temperature feel not so bad. When we got there, the structure didn’t look so tall. I expected a monument that was higher than the Statue of Liberty to be monstrous and demand attention, but the tall erected column didn’t look all that intimidating. Until I walked closer.

It’s crazy how you don’t really notice the sheer size of beauty of things until your up-close and personal with them. The closer I walked to the monument the more detail began to appear. Soon it was no longer a column, but a piece of artwork that showed each and every brick and perfectly carved feature. Then we walked inside.

The spiral staircase took us up to an elevator where we, along with a handful of others, were about to slowly climb to the top of the monument. When they closed the doors of the elevator, it was anything but glamorous. We were all packed inside like sardines. The man continued his perfectly-timed 56 spiel about all the history of the monument, which, said so quickly, seemed to take away from the history all together. Just when I thought that this was going to be a waste of three dollars, the doors opened.

The sun instantly hit our face the second that the elevator doors opened. When I stepped out of the doorway and into the open ledge of the monument, the breeze hit me and I had no words. You could see everything from up there; Canada, the surrounding islands, all the people below. I knew that I had to share these tiny moments with the world. I had to get my thoughts down on paper, on the web, anywhere. If I didn’t, these moments would be lost somewhere in my mind.

So here I am sharing these tiny moments with all of you. I hope that if nothing else you’re entertained by my moments and inspired to get out there and make some of your own. It’s a long life if you’re always waiting for something big to happen. Let’s start celebrating the little moments while we still can.


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