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Sustainable Leather Exists & Frankie Cameron’s Zero Waste-Produced Purse Is Proof

sustainable leather purse

The first thing that you think of when you hear the word “sustainable” is likely not leather. Silk, organic cotton, wool, all yes. Leather? Well, get ready to have your mind blown. Frankie Cameron is proving that sustainable leather exists, and it’s actually a really incredible way to create fabrics. Give this brand’s story a chance, and I can guarantee that it will change the way that you look at accessories.

I’ve made it my goal in 2019 to focus on the fabrics that I have in my closet. For the Cliff Notes version: they feel better, hold up better, and don’t pollute the Earth when I wash them. Oh, and they can more easily be recycled. I want the exact same in my accessories — something long lasting and good for the planet.

Frankie Cameron does all of that — with leather. The term sustainable leather was not even on my radar until I learned about this brand. Frankie Cameron uses every single part of the animal hide to create its products. That’s hide that would otherwise be thrown away in the landfill. It uses that hide to make leather handbags, clutches, makeup bags and diaper bags. Each one is classic style. Black, two shades or brown, and that’s it. Personally, I love it. The brand doesn’t try to do too much, but does what it does well.

On top of the brand using all of the cow hide to make its’ products, it also doesn’t slaughter cows. Instead of slaughtering live cows, which is what most leather companies do, Frankie Cameron uses cow hides that have been used for meat and are going to be discarded.

“Many bag companies use hides they choose while the cows are still alive, and slaughter for the hides,” Frankie says. “We only consider hides which the entire cow has been used for meat purposes to feed the community in which the hides would otherwise be wasted. We also use every piece of the hide — nothing is wasted!”

Let’s pause for a second. I know that vegans are not going to be happy with this technique. It still uses animal products and animals are still dying. I am by no means saying that this is the be all end all of purse production. The most important thing is to stay true to your beliefs. I would never take that away from anyone.

But if you aren’t willing to give up your leather, Frankie Cameron is a great options. This is the most sustainable that it gets when it comes to leather. Hands down. In fact, this brand is even more sustainable than some of the vegan leather brands that I have explored. Like I said, at the end of the day, it is still a personal decision. Just like every other purchase that you make.

The leather used from Frankie Cameron comes from Leon Mexico. The brand is so fond of the product that it gets, that it even opened up a an entirely new warehouse there. The warehouse has created more jobs, where people are paid and treated fairly.

Frankie and Cameron are so committed to using every single part of the animal hide that it even created accessories to go with the bags. Because, you know, there was some cow hide left over. You can now get even more tassels on your sustainable leather purse than ever before. Which, if you ask me, is a great addition to the bags. When you have the opportunity to add more tassels, you should always take it.

“We use every part of the hide, this was the reason we created our accessory line,” says Frankie. “We use every little piece down to the strands on our tassels to cut out waste.”

I think the addition of tassels on these bags is pretty brilliant for a few reason. First of all, they look great on the bags. The bags are pretty simple on their own, so tassels give them the perfect touch of personality. It just enough to make it your own while still being minimal. Oh, and they can come off with the flip of a clasp, so you don’t have to commit if you’re not as into tassel as me, hehe.

The second reason is that Frankie Cameron took what it had left over and made it into something that worked well with the bags. Companies create too much too often. I’m a firm believer in that. Brands dream up more products just for the sake of having more products. Frankie Cameron is not like that. It started with a vision and expanded mindfully. That’s incredible.

As if all of that isn’t already enough, each purchase donates money to a non-profit that helps displaced homeless children. The brand did not mention exactly which organization it is.

You can purchase the bags on the Frankie Cameron website. Like I said, the styles are simple, but they will not left you down. Bags range from $9 for accessories to $425 for the most expensive bags.

This bag company will not let you down, if you’re into the leather look. Trust me.




  • One Sister

    This seems like real good common sense! I normally avoid leather and fur unless it’s from a thrift store, but I do support First Nations ccreating Art in traditional ways, which does everything you mention and more. We really should pay more attention to it! Thanks for sharing! Please let us know if you find anything similar for shoes (I’m liking the new pineapple canvas sneakers, have you heard of them?).

    January 9, 2019 at 6:49 am Reply
    • KaliBorovic

      I used to be the exact same way with leather! I have really opened my eyes to materials used in clothing, which drew me to this brand. I know that some people will still avoid this leather, but it’s a great option for people looking to shop sustainable, you know? And YES! Pineapple leather is on my to-research list, because sounds incredible. Which brand are you talking about specifically? xx.

      January 9, 2019 at 7:54 am Reply
  • kittyp0p

    What a gorgeous bag! Why can’t every company hop on the no-waste bandwagon?? Cause it’s clear you can create beautiful products without waste if this bag has anything to say haha

    January 9, 2019 at 10:36 pm Reply
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