These $5 Thigh-High Boots Prove That You Can Find Sexy Items In The Thrift Shop

Thigh-High Boots

I’ve never been comfortable with the word sexy. I much rather prefer comfort and simplicity. You can probably already guess that from the items that I thrift. I live in sweaters, neutral colors, and minimal graphic tees. But there are times that I want to feel sexy. I’ve have never really found my groove with the style of dressing. I end up in an uncomfortable tie-up shirt or dresses that leaving me wishing I had leggings on. Then I found the pair of $5 thigh-high boots that changed it all.

Thigh-high boots are having a moment, and I am here for it. I love seeing how people style them with everything from mini skirts and dresses to jeans. On more than one occasion, I’ve stumbled into Target and tried on different thigh-high boots. Naturally, in the Target trace that I was in, I even contemplated buying them. Then I realized that purchasing $35 thigh-high boots that would get worn only a few times probably wasn’t the most practical.

The thing about thrifting is that it makes you think about trends. Do you like them because a model or celebrity says you should? Or do you really, genuinely like the look? For me, the questions could be answered simply. I decided to skip the trend.

Little did I know that I would be rocking thigh-high boots a month later.

Thigh-High Boots

I stumbled onto these boots as a complete mistake. I stopped into Goodwill on my way home one night and wasn’t really looking for anything specific. These boots were the first thing I saw when I walked in. There they were, sitting on the shelf in a six size just waiting for me.

I’ve mentioned this before, but Target sometimes donates their excess products to Goodwill. This doesn’t just happen in my community. They do it in all Goodwills all across the United States. It’s an incredible thing that makes my heart extremely happy. Every now ant then, the thrift Gods get together and decide to bless me with a great find. This was that time.

These are the same thigh-high boots that I tried on in Target a month earlier. The only difference was the price — $5. 

The shoes were $30 off and the money form Goodwill goes to charity. Not only does the purchase still align with my personal mission, but it also saves me a heck of a lot of money. Even if I wear these shoes twice, I can justify the purchase.

Thigh-High Boots

There are items that instantly up the sexiness of any outfit. For me, that’s a dainty necklace or slipping my hair into a high ponytail. But nothing can replicate the feeling of slipping on thigh-high heels. No matter what you think you know about the trend, your entire world will change after you slip them on.

Want to know what feels even better? Buying something that makes you feel good, saves you money, and is still on trend.

You never know what you will find when you walk into the thrift store. But half of the fun is being surprised by what you find.

Most people think of the thrift store as a place to get funny-looking sweaters and secondhand clothing that is out of date. These $5 thigh-high boots from the thrift store prove that you can find sexy, on-trend items. All it takes to find the perfect trends is a little bit of waiting.

Thigh-High Boots

When the time is right and the trend is meant to be a part of your closet, it will be. That’s the beauty of slow fashion. Every item in your coset means more — to you, your wallet, and the world. If you can get the three of those things to align, I promise your perspective of fashion will change forever.

Because despite what your Instagram followers or high fashion magazines tell you, some items are worth the wait.


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        1. Not sad at all! I’m thinking about pulling mine out for date night this Saturday. Fingers crossed that I can get enough courage tow ear them out of the house haha xx.

    1. Thanks so much! Trends can be SO expensive too. I always feel better when I don’t have to pay a ton of money to nail the look xx.

  1. Your thrift store always has the best prices; goodwill’s near me tend to be about five-ten dollars higher which almost makes the clearance rack at target a better idea for me. Love these shoes and cannot wait to see how you style them!

    1. These were actually originally $10! Although all Goodwill stores are different, I’ve gotten really good at waiting for half price day or finding the color of the day, which are always half off. It’s not as easy as shopping at Target, but it’s much more rewarding! xx.

  2. They are gorgeous. Here is really hard to find trendy items in thrift store, but still there is many classics. You’ll get obsessed with over the knee boots, they look amazing with everything. xx

    1. Thank you! It’s hard, but not impossible, I promise. I actually have some really excited guides coming up to help people thrift, so they might help you! xx.

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