These Thrifted Brandy Melville Palazzo Pants Make More Than One Statement

When I walk through the thrift shop, I look through every size. That’s mainly for two reasons — not every brand’s sizes are equal and rewashing and wearing clothing can affect the fit. Plus I love a good hunt, and people like to hide the good stuff in unexpected sections, but that’s a story for another day. Bottom line: when I found the most adorable palazzo pants, I knew I had to try them no matter what. Then I looked at the tag.

Inside the back of the black and white, floral printed palazzo pants read, “Brandy Melville one-size.” Honestly, I hadn’t seen that word since the ’90s when those really weird stretchy shirts were in style. I knew of the brand, but I wasn’t completely familiar with it. The friend that I was with told me that the designer makes one size only clothing because they fit a variety of different body types. A clothing line that redefined sizing once and for all? It was too good to be true.

Naturally, I took the pants to the fitting room and tried them on, just like I would do to any other item. They were comfortable, dressy but casual, and only $2 — SOLD! I’m really short, but, worn high-waisted, they fit pretty darn well. I could see them working in formal or laid-back settings and they actually made me look tall. Well, taller.

Brandy Melville Palazzo Pants

You all already know that I love looking through thrift shops. The second part of the fun is taking the items home and styling them. After giving these a good wash, I tried on the palazzo pants with tank tops, a jean jacket, and tees. After there was a hefty pile of clothing on my floor, that I realized that these pants went with everything. The only problem was that, unless I hemmed the palazzo pants, I need to wear platform shoes. Luckily, my eco-friendly KAANAS heels worked perfectly.

The one thing that was still bothering me was the tag — the daunting one-size fits all.

I couldn’t help but think about that four-letter category. Or should I call it the un-sizing? If that’s not already a thing, I’m totally trademarking it. The idea is daunting. Intimidating. So out of the norm. I thought that there had to be more to the story, and boy, was I right.

Brandy Melville Palazzo Pants

One Google search of the brand led me to plenty of articles. They all had one major theme — this is a teen-favorite brand. Why? Well, because they offer one size only, and that one size is small. Every single item available on their website is deemed “small” or “one size.” I honestly could believe it. I think I spent about a half hour clicking through all the items, thinking there had to be a catch.

Just for the record…

Fashion is not one size fits all, and it’s absurd that someone would claim that it is. 

The point of fashion is not to fit it. You don’t need to form to a brand to make you worthy. The whole point is to stand out, feel comfortable, and be able to speak without saying a word. For a brand to make a person feel — literally or just by their limited sizing — “un-worthy to wear” is absolutely ridiculous.

Brandy Melville Palazzo Pants

I’m not going to beat myself up for the purchase. After all, I am still helping one piece of clothing stay out of the landfill. But I won’t be purchasing straight from this brand OR buying it from Goodwill again. I want my clothing to make a positive statement. I would never want to promote or support a brand that designs for such a minuet part of society.

Fashion shouldn’t be restrictive. You shouldn’t have to form to fit a brand. The brand should want to fit you. Because no matter what you look like or what size you wear, fashion is for you.

What do you guys think of a one-size-fits-all brand? I’d love to hear what you guys think and if you’ve ever tried anything from the brand. While the item that I got would fit a variety of body types, this seems to be rare for the brand. I’d love to know if you know any other brands that do this as well!


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  1. I love this – I find it so inspiring the way you really take the time to research brands and loom into their ethos and meaning. I have to admit, I dont like the idea of a one-size brand; can you imagine how bad it would feel for someone to NOT be able to fit into the clothing? That being said, these pants look amazing on you x

    1. Right! The point of fashion is to feel great, not to be torn down! What we wear matters just as much as what we say or do, you know? I’m glad that you’re enjoying the post! xx.

  2. This is such a great blog post! I love your new pants! They are amazing! And you bought them for 2 dollar? I love brandy Melville but I think it’s quiet expensive and because I am quiet tall I can’t wear their pants because they are always too short. Great great post as always xxx

  3. I’ve heard of this brand too, but never knew that about their sizing! I don’t agree with the “one size” thing cause it usually never fits me lol but I get that it doesn’t fit a lot of other people too and I just don’t think that’s fair. I love them on you though and glad you found something that goes with all your clothes!

    1. Thanks so much! I can appreciate the pants, but won’t be buying from them again. I don’t want my money going to a brand like that even if it is from Goodwill, you know? xx.

  4. I love those pants, and I, too, look through all the sizes. I do think that it’s ridiculous that a brand can claim that it’s one size fits all because everyone has all different shapes and sizes. And, you’re right – it makes people feel invalidated because they cannot fit the one size fits all. I get why you don’t want to purchase from them directly, but I don’t see it a problem if you are buying it from a second hand shop. You aren’t supporting the brand, but the local thrift store. Glad to see you write about this topic!

    Natalie |

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece! I agree. I shouldn’t beat myself up too much, but I still feel icky about knowing I’m wearing the brand, you know? xx.

  5. Those pants look really cool! But I do agree that the brand made a weird choice to declare that they’re only one size fits all, and that one size is small It’s nice that you do so much research on the items you get 🙂

    1. It makes shopping a lot tougher, but it’s totally worth it! So many people don’t notice that the places we shop and spend our money are important xx.

  6. I’ve heard of the brand but I didn’t know they were one-size fits all. I’ve gotten a one-size fits all sweater from SheIn and it was far from it. The sweater was made for those who fit into a small or medium category. I’m not a fan of companies that advertise that, however I’ve purchased tights or pants I believe that were one size fits all and it definitely stretched enough to fit a lot of different body types. I was okay with that but I believe that as a company you should invest in sizes that fit many people not just a couple of people. Those pants are so cute on you by the way.

    1. Exactly! The world is full of beautiful and beautifully shaped people. It’s a shame that some brand don’t include them xx.

  7. Those pants look amazing on you! I love how you styled them! It is actually funny, because I have seen the one size fits all before (Anthropologie has a fair amount of clothing) and it is usually has the opposite affect on me because I am so petite (though curvy) usually the stuff is to big and fits me weirdly.
    But I also agree with everything you wrote. We are all so different, we all have different body shapes so while it is cool to think something would fit all of us, the fact is even if we can squeeze into it, it won’t fit the exact same way.
    As a teenager I was guilty of being caught up in sizes, but now I really don’t care whether it is a large small medium extra small whatever as long as I feel alright with the fit I am happy with it 🙂 <3

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