My Thrifted Sweater Stockings Make For The Ultimate Upcycled Holiday

thrifted sweater stocking upcycled holiday

I’ve always tried to find the most unique, sustainable ways to decorate my home. From thrifted shelving to secondhand throw pillows, there have been so many ways that I’ve gone eco-friendly in my home. But it was even more important to me to stick to my mindset this holiday season. Warm little touches around the home are what the holidays are made of. There’s nothing better than a handmade touch to make the season bright. So I decided to make thrifted sweater stockings for the first holiday in my home. Because that’s what the holidays are for me — handmade touches.

It’s no secret that I thrift a little too much. Despite a successful stint at a minimalist closet this summer, fall came and I bought one too many sweaters. I decided to make the most of those purchases. Instead of reselling or donating the items, I made thrifted sweater stockings instead. They were pretty easy to make, were a great way to upcycle, and add a personal touch to my home. It’s a win-win-win.

If you can cut and sew a straight line, you can make these thrifted sweater stockings.

thrifted sweater stockings holiday DIYAll I used to make these were two thrifted sweaters, scissors, a sewing machine, and a half a yard of cotton for the lining. I decided that I wanted some lining in them, so that the sweater didn’t stretch too much when I placed items inside. Because these thrifted sweater stockings aren’t just for show. We will be using them this season, too.

I actually had this idea last year, but never got around to making them. Life works in mysterious ways, and I think the universe wanted me to save this craft project for my new home.

All in all, the thrifted sweater stockings are 100% cotton — lining and sweater. That part was really important to me. I’ve become way more aware of the fabrics that I am wearing this year. It was just as important to me that the materials that I am creating with are just as good for the planet.

1. I made a pattern for the stocking using a large ream of sketch paper that I had on hand, but you could easily just trace another stocking of the size that you like.
2. After that I pinned and cut two sides of the sweater. I pinned and cut both of them at the same time to save me some time. But you could easily do two different cuts, if you’re feeling a bit nervous.
3. Next step was to cut the cotton lining and sew them to the inside of the sweater stocking.
4. I then sewed the two pieces of lined stocking together. I made sure to leave one side open, so that I could sew on the top cuff.
Pro tip: if you’re not confident with sewing on a different piece for the cuff, just make the tops of the stocking extra large and fold them down. You won’t get two different textures, but it will give the same effect!
5. The last step is to sew the cuff on and attach a little tab by hand.

thrifted sweater stockings DIY holidayAfter that you’re all done and ready to hang your thrifted sweater stockings. I decided to hang mine on some cute little hangers that looked sort of like deer antlers. We didn’t go all out with out Christmas decorations this year. Instead, we decided to stock with classic, all-white decor.

For our first holiday season, it made more sense for us to incorporate some holiday touches, instead of just going all out red and green. We are still figuring out our style and the way we want our home.

I am a bit biased, but I think they turned out really nice! This is the perfect craft to do with the family. Everyone can pick their favorite sweater and cut them out together. Heck, you could even make souvenirs out of your ugly Christmas sweaters every year.

Not to mention that you’re saving an item from the landfill at the same time.

Around the same time that I was DIYing these, Emily Faith made some of her own as well. If you’re looking for a full tutorial, make sure to head to her YouTube page. Hers are a little different than mine, but I think you will really enjoy looking at her page.

What do you guys think of my stockings? I really want to start showing off more of my thrifted decor. I’m also making it a mission next year to create more — in every sense of the word. I feel like these thrifted sweater stockings were the perfect way to kick off the new season a little early. I’m a firm believer in starting New Year’s resolutions early, too. Nothing feels better than going into the new year already in the swing of things!





  • kittyp0p

    These are super cute! Such an awesome idea (:

    November 26, 2018 at 7:34 pm Reply
  • starringpamela

    I love this idea! So cute!!!

    November 26, 2018 at 8:25 pm Reply
  • Dani Kay

    Waaaait this is such a great idea!

    November 30, 2018 at 12:01 pm Reply
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