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The TOMS x Disney Cinderella Collection Is About More Than Finding The Perfect Shoe

TOMS x Disney

Leave it to TOMS to really test my minimalist living levels. The brand just thought up the perfect fairytale shoe collection that I never knew I needed. TOMS x Disney created a Cinderella collection that is about more than just finding the right slipper. Everything from the story behind the shoe to the reason for buying it is so incredible that you’ll have a hard time not buying. The collection was meant to empower women and give back back at the same time. That, my friends, is more than just a shoe.

I’ve been a big fan of TOMS since I can remember. The brand was one of the first companies to have a one-to-one charity method. For ever pair of shoes that they sell, one gets donated to a person in need. It’s bold, meaningful, and I’m all about it. That right there is an incredible, purposeful reason to shop. But what I really love about the brand is that they are constantly going above and beyond to make each item that they create even more meaningful. The TOMS x Disney collection is proof of that.

You could stick a Disney character on just about anything and it would sell. It’s just the truth. People love Disney. Instead of doing that, the two brands came together with an even more meaningful message.

TOMS x Disney was created for those who break glass ceilings in glass slippers.

At first glance, these look like your classic Cinderella shoes. Spoiler alert: they aren’t. The prints were created using the never before seen artwork of the all-female Ink and Paint department of Disney in the mid-1900s. These aren’t the exact characters that hit the screen. Instead, it’s the ink drawings that went into creating the characters that you know and love.

TOMS x DisneyIf it’s not already clear, I love every single thing about these shoes. I was never a huge fan of Cinderella growing up. The whole clean and cook while people go party thing was never for me. Neither was having a man find the perfect shoe for you. I did love the animals that helped her get dressed.

The creation of the story was something I was aways interested in. I love to hear how the hundreds of still drawings created an iconic movie. Or that so many people could make one iconic character that people would love forever. That’s part of why I love these shoes.

The women who created these drawings never knew that they would end up on shoes.

They did the world, kept their heads down, and likely got little to no credit at all. Now, TOMS x Disney is honoring them by creating a print out of a drawing that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. That, to me, is a purposeful work of art.

It’s also a really great thing to remember when you slip your shoes on in the morning. Although what you’re doing might not seem like the biggest, most important thing now, it could be someday. The things you do today are setting you up in the future. Who knows where it’ll be 90 years from now.

Alright, enough with that mushy stuff. Let’s talk about how stinkin’ cute these shoes are. I absolutely love the character-splattered footwear. Normally, I steer clear of Disney prints. I already look super young, so I don’t like to highlight it even more. But this print is so dainty that it doesn’t scream, “wear me to Disneyland!” I don’t know if it’s the daintily hand-drawn designs or the pastel colors, but I am into this.

TOMS was nice enough to send me not one, but two different shoes from the collection. Both are light blue, perfect for summer, and speak to a larger story than just how great they look. Each one donates a shoe to someone in need and carries on a story that might’ve been lost if not made into this creation. As much a I love the first pair of shoes, the second are my favorite. They are, well, a little more minimalist, which is my personal style.

“A group of young women worked behind the scenes to breathe life into Walt Disney’s films,” the website reads. “They were the ones who added the magic to these timeless stories, frame by frame, sparkle by sparkle.”

TOMS x DisneyThe second pair from the TOMS x Disney collection features the most important item in the movie — the glass slipper. Because there’s nothing like rocking the shoe on your shoe. It’s a slightly different design than the classic TOMS shoe. The shoe is a little more sporty, while still keeping the feel of the brand. The tiny little tag on the heel is also really convenient for getting them on.

I also really love that the brand decided to go for one, iconic shoe without making a print out of it. After all, there is only one shoe like that in all the land. It’s not just the shoe that you know and love from the movie though. Instead, the brand used the one that the women drew behind-the-scenes. 

Imagine having to create the shoe that you imagine a prince charming slipping on your foot in a fairytale.

I have never been in that position before, but I think it would be a whole lot of fun. Just imagine one of the women sitting down at a drawing desk and sketching out her perfect shoe. If that isn’t already enough, picture that shoe being chosen by Walt Disney for the movie. It’s more than just a shoe at that point — just like the TOMS x Disney collection.

The TOMS x Disney collection will be available for a limited time on the TOMS website. Each shoe is priced between $64.95 and $74.95. Just remember that when you’re paying for this shoe, you’re also paying for someone else to wear it as well. Plus every person gets paid fairly along the way. I’d say that it’s a small price to pay for all that you get and give.

This is only the beginning of Disney shoes form the brand, too. According to TOMS, there will also be collections for Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. You know, so you can add all the princesses to your closet. Each one will feature the designs of the women who originally drew them as well. Those designs will be added to the collection as summer continues.

I love the meaning behind this shoe. There’s something so special about knowing that these prints could have just ended up in the archives. Instead, you get to carry them around with you. That’s a fairytale ending that no one saw coming.



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    TOMS is a great brand! These are too cute and even better that they have such purpose behind them (:

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