55 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples (2023)

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If you’re scrambling for gift ideas for the special person in your life, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Whether they’re the romantic type who swoons over candlelit dinners and roses, or the adventurous duo who thrive on experiences and thrills, we’ve rounded up the best gift ideas to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

So put down the drugstore chocolates and forgettable stuffed bears, and let’s get creative with our gifting game.

  1. The Lovebox
  2. The Lovebox

    This unique device is paired with your phone and lets you send love notes to your loved one. Whether you're in a long-distance relationship or just want to make a grand gesture, the Lovebox is the perfect way to show how much you care.

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  3. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex
  4. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

    Looking for the most interesting gift? This unique puzzle box is copied from the Da Vinci manuscript in "The Da Vinci Code". According to the legend, a scroll containing the Priory of Sion's greatest secret is hidden in the cryptex. The default password for the cryptex is I LOVE U, but you can change it. It is a truly one-of-a-kind gift that will add romance, fun, and mystery to your relationship. It will come with a pair of rings to help you in making your wish come true, and you can also exchange them for other gifts.

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  5. First Warm Winter Memory Picture Frame
  6. First Warm Winter Memory Picture Frame

    With its high-quality natural wood, exquisite hand-carved accessories and hanging lights, as well as a beautiful letter card and gift packaging - this romantic frame is perfect for preserving your special moments in classic style. Experience the warmth of winter all year-round while cherishing those memories with your loved one.

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  7. Our Love Story Map Art
  8. Our Love Story Map Art

    This personalized 3 puzzle piece map art highlights all three special locations in your life where you and your loved one met, got engaged, and married in this unique map heart design. It's printed on a lovely premium canvas that measures 15.75" x 12.75". It's the ideal romantic gift for this special occasion!

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  9. Long Distance Picture Frame Lamp
  10. Long Distance Picture Frame Lamp

    Send some love to your long-distance lover, perfect for an anniversary a Valentine's gift. With this lamp, simply connect it to Wi-Fi and you can show your special someone that you're thinking of them whenever they touch their lamp. Plus, pick from over 250 color options to customize each side! A handmade, romantic present that undoubtedly says I Love You.

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  11. The Couples Game That's Actually Fun
  12. The Couples Game That's Actually Fun

    This interactive game comes with dozens of fun questions to make you and your partner laugh. Not a lovey-dovey game or a 'getting to know you' questionnaire-- just tons of good laughs that everyone can enjoy. Perfect for couples of all levels, from first dates to anniversaries! 

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  13. Talk Flirt Dare
  14. Talk Flirt Dare

    Rekindle the spark in your relationship with Talk Flirt Dare! This fun and romantic game for couples is perfect for Valentine’s Day, date nights, and any time you want to deepen your connection with the love of your life. Perfect as a wedding, newlywed, or romantic present to liven up any relationship. This game will be even more enjoyable when paired with a good bottle of wine!

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  15. Personalized Couple Photo Blanket
  16. Personalized Couple Photo Blanket

    This cozy blanket is made of premium quality fleece to keep her warm and is decorated with a sweet message of love, and your favorite couple photo. This will be an excellent way to express your feelings for your very special occasion. 

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  17. Love & Naughty Stacking Tower Wooden Blocks
  18. Love & Naughty Stacking Tower Wooden Blocks

    This fun and romantic game includes 54 wooden blocks printed with both Truth or Dare questions and tasks or challenges - perfect for getting to know each other better and having a night filled with fun, romance, and laughter. This gift will undoubtly make your next date night extra special!

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  19. Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Projector
  20. Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Projector

    This soda can-sized pocket projector produces 100 ANSI Lumens of brightness, enough for a picture up to 100 inches wide. Its 4 hours of video playtime and 360° speaker will undoubtedly create a truly magical romantic movie night for you and your partner, while its ultra-portability allows you to watch it anywhere!

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  21. Philips Fully Automatic Espresso Machine
  22. Philips Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

    The best gift for coffee lovers, Philips Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is the easiest way to have café-quality coffee at home. Featuring a simple touch display and 12-step grinder adjustment, enjoy five aromatic coffee options including espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and more! For luxurious milk foam every time, try LatteGo Milk System that will store leftover milk in your refrigerator. Dishwasher safe removable parts make cleaning a breeze. (Great for lazy people!)

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  23. The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition
  24. The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

    With 50 scratch-off adventures and date night games, you can add a little extra fun and spontaneity to your relationship. Each adventure card is filled with creative ideas from trying a new cuisine to visiting a museum, as well as some intimate activities that are sure to put you both in the mood for love.

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  25. Jackpot Candles
  26. Jackpot Candles

    This Love Potion candle will make a fun and romantic gift idea for this special occasion! Each candle contains a hidden piece of jewelry worth between $15 and $5,000. So, you get not only a wonderful, natural soy candle with organic cotton double wicks, but also the chance to win some amazing jewelry. Choose from six different ring sizes to find the perfect fit for your loved one!

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  27. Bond Touch Pair of Bracelets
  28. Bond Touch Pair of Bracelets

    These revolutionary bracelets allow you to stay attached to your loved one no matter the distance, letting you feel their touch whenever and wherever you might be. Keep up a private conversation specifically between the two of you, so that no one else can get in the way. Bond Touch is perfect for long-distance lovers or couples who might find themselves apart from each other often! 

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  29. Personalized Coffee Mug Set
  30. Personalized Coffee Mug Set

    These mugs are the perfect way to show that special someone how much you care. This stylish set can be personalized with any name up to 9 characters each—what a romantic gift! Enjoy your morning coffee or tea with your favorite person, and make every day even better.

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  31. Hand Casting Kit for Couples
  32. Hand Casting Kit for Couples

    Create a timeless memento of your relationship that you can proudly display in your home. This kit includes everything that you and your partner need, including a stunning round wooden base and an easy-to-follow instruction sheet. Create this unique piece to celebrate your special bond and make it the ideal gift for this special occasion.

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  33. Wood Adventure Travel Bank
  34. Wood Adventure Travel Bank

    What's more romantic than a savings account for your next getaway with your significant other? The Wood Adventure Travel Bank is the perfect way to keep all of your special memories from your trips close to your heart. It's crafted from high-quality wood and leather, making it a thoughtful and unique gift idea for any special occasion.

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  35. 100 Things for Couples to Do Together
  36. 100 Things for Couples to Do Together

    This perfect Valentine's Day gift includes 100 inspirational ideas plus 60 of your own ideas, covering all areas from cooking classes to ski trips. Sign your and your partner's name, fill in the date and location when you finish something on the list - it's a great way to create lasting memories together! 

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  37. Memory Jar
  38. Memory Jar

    With a Memory Jar, you can keep life’s little moments alive in one place! Each jar comes with 180 blank tickets, a pen and a rewritable twine-hung plaque and decorative lid - everything you need to get started. Make it extra romantic with heartfelt notes or stories for an anniversary celebration, milestone birthday, or just about any special occasion. You and your loved ones will enjoy reading the many joyful memories stored inside together! 

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  39. Unsolved Case Files
  40. Unsolved Case Files

    You and your partner will collaborate as cold case detectives to solve a 40-year-old murder. The only thing standing between justice served and the cold case growing ever colder is you! Discover clues, match evidence, investigate leads, and find the murderer… together. A new great way to kick off this special day with your special someone!

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  41. Funny Sexy Kitchen Aprons
  42. Funny Sexy Kitchen Aprons

    Made from lightweight and breathable polyester, these aprons are perfect for cooking up a romantic meal or protecting clothes from spills and splatters. With their waterproof and anti-spill functions, they'll make sure the only thing getting messy is the fun the couple has while wearing them.

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  43. Robot Vacuum Self Emptying and Mop Combo
  44. Robot Vacuum Self Emptying and Mop Combo

    It's the ideal gift for a family or couple who is too busy to clean or for friends who are too lazy to clean the house. This will make their lives a lot easier! Enjoy 45 days of hands-free, stress-free cleaning. The robot can vacuum and mop in one round with the press of a button, and it will automatically recharge and run for long periods of time, so they won't have to worry about constantly charging it.

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  45. Luxury Spa Treatment Gift Set
  46. Luxury Spa Treatment Gift Set

    This massage care kit is sure to relax, rejuvenate, and reenergize your loved one. It comes with Relaxation, Sore Muscle, and Nourishing Massage Oils, as well as premium tools. This calming and aromatic set, with a unique blend of premium oils and massage tools, will undoubtedly create an amazingly romantic experience on this Special Day! 

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  47. Personalized Fingerprint Necklace
  48. Personalized Fingerprint Necklace

    Perfect as a “just because” gift, surprise a loved one and show them how much you care by immortalizing their unique fingerprint in a beautiful crystal pendant. With this unique Valentine’s Day gift, you can express your love to the special people in your life who mean the world to you. 

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  49. Love You Every Beat of My Heart Glasses
  50. Love You Every Beat of My Heart Glasses

    This set of two whiskey glasses is perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and more! Made of hipball glass, each glass can hold up to 12 oz. Surprise your special someone with this playful take on classic whiskey glasses - they're sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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  51. Long Distance Gift
  52. Long Distance Gift

    Get two - one for you and one for your loved one! This special shadowbox combines a decorative money saver bank with a wooden keepsake box, making it the perfect gift for long distance relationships. The background is reversible, so you can customize each side to display your favorite pictures and add your own personal style. Now, you and your loved one can keep special memories alive despite being separated.

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  53. Couple Games by USA Psychologist
  54. Couple Games by USA Psychologist

    Couple Connect and Couple Reconnect allow couples to show each other how much they care! This couple games includes over 400 conversation starters and activities. This gift will help improve communication, romance, and trust. Rekindle the flame of your union, enjoy deep conversations and delightful activities on this special day!

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  55. Matching Couples Bracelets
  56. Matching Couples Bracelets

    Perfect for long-distance relationships, this bracelet is a sweet gesture that symbolizes infinite love and friendship that won’t ever change no matter the miles apart. Give it as a Valentine's Day gift or just because to let them know how much they mean to you. With these matching couples bracelets, your love will always remain close.

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  57. Personalized Lucky Copper Penny Keychains
  58. Personalized Lucky Copper Penny Keychains

    Give the special man in your life a unique and meaningful gift with our personalized lucky copper penny keychains! Crafted from real copper pennies, each set includes two matching keychains with a personalized date and initials of your choosing. Get one for yourself too and keep the good luck going!

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  59. Kissing Cats Coffee Mug Set
  60. Kissing Cats Coffee Mug Set

    This unique, romantic gift is the perfect way to express your feelings for that special someone! This set includes two adorable cat mugs that fit together perfectly to form a lovely gesture of affection. When your loved one opens this thoughtful gift, their heart will definitely warm!

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  61. Funny Gag Gift
  62. Funny Gag Gift

    Get your special someone this funny gag gift for a couple that seems to have everything. Nothing says I love you like giving a sheet, and that's exactly what this gift does! It's sure to bring lots of good laughter and add some truly unforgettable memories to your Valentine's Day adventure!

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  63. Knock Knock Vouchers for Lovers
  64. Knock Knock Vouchers for Lovers

    Pamper your loved one this Valentine's Day with Vouchers for Lovers! This special gift offers couples twenty unique and thoughtful ways to show their affection. Each glossy booklet comes with 20 vouchers, ranging from "Candlelit Bath" to "End to Argument", providing the perfect way to express your love.

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  65. 20 Custom Reasons Why I Love You Puzzle
  66. 20 Custom Reasons Why I Love You Puzzle

    Create up to 45 characters per puzzle piece and make sure that your special one can feel the love with this special surprise. This fun and romantic gift has a custom engraved gift box with the name and design of your choice – perfect for any special celebration! 

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  67. Portable Puzzle Table
  68. Portable Puzzle Table

    This portable puzzle table will undoubtedly provide hours of quality time spent together over puzzles. The lounger has a large work surface which can hold up to a 1500-piece puzzle, four drawers and extendable legs to keep your working puzzle in place and comfortable. It also comes with a heavy acetate cover to protect your unfinished puzzles.

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  69. Personalized Camping Enamel Mug
  70. Personalized Camping Enamel Mug

    This personalized 12oz mug will make any couple feel at ease wherever they go. It's suitable for both hot and cold drinks, and it's microwave and dishwasher safe. Its tough design will withstand any outdoor activities, while the vintage style is ideal for indoor use.

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  71. Custom Hoodies
  72. Custom Hoodies

    This100% cotton hoodies are soft, stylish, and come in a range of colors to fit any couple’s style. Your special someone will love the thought you put into designing a unique hoodie with their names or initials just for them. Perfect for any occasion, it will make the ideal way to show your loved ones how much you care.

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  73. Sherpa Bear Oversized Wearable Blanket
  74. Sherpa Bear Oversized Wearable Blanket

    The ideal gift for couples who want to snuggle up and make memories together! This oversized wearable blanket is perfect for extra warmth and comfort wherever you are. With oversized arm coverings and a huge hood, no chill will bother you this season. Super soft and snuggly, it’s like receiving a giant bear hug of warmth! 

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  75. Double Backrest Pillow
  76. Double Backrest Pillow

    This cozy and comfortable pillow is designed to provide both partners the support they need while they read, game, or just cuddle up together. It's filled with shredded memory foam and has a removable cover that will let you customize your comfort level. Best of all, it can be used in bed, on the couch, or even on the floor!

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  77. The Purple Pillow
  78. The Purple Pillow

    The Purple Pillow is the most supportive pillow science can dream up! Its unique Purple Grid cradles your head and neck for the optimal sleep experience, with hundreds of open-air channels to keep you cool all night. Mix and match boosters to find your ideal height and enjoy total comfort. The cover is even designed to adapt with the pillow so you can snooze in cozy luxury. Give your loved one an unforgettable gift for a restful night’s sleep!

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  79. Toilet Tag
  80. Toilet Tag

    Toilet Tag is the perfect conversation starter for couples, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, or roommates who share a bathroom. This humorous game will allow two people to engage in an unpredictable, revealing, and life-changing journey without ever leaving your potty! It's a great novelty gift idea that's sure to lighten the mood and make you laugh.

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  81. Charging Station Organizer for Multiple Devices
  82. Charging Station Organizer for Multiple Devices

    This space-saving device includes a 5 port USB charger, 6 pack charge & sync cable, earbuds, and watch stand. Perfect for couples or those with lots of devices, this larger than average organizer is designed to be simple and practical while still offering great storage and organizing capabilities.

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  83. Tin Woodman's Heart
  84. Tin Woodman's Heart

    Tin Woodman's Heart provides a creative, sustainable, and entertaining way to let someone know how you feel. Hand-crafted from sustainably sourced birch wood and finished with laser technology, it features a secure 3-word code lock that can be set to any phrase of your choice for an extra romantic touch. Ideal for gifting small items such as jewelry or storing keepsakes!

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  85. Custom 3D Photo Lamp
  86. Custom 3D Photo Lamp

    This gift is the ideal way to show your loved one how much they mean to you. Impress them with a one-of-a-kind gift idea that captures your special memories. At first glance, it appears to be a regular photo plaque - until you turn it on and see their face come to life in 3D!

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  87. 100 + Kama Sutra Poses
  88. 100 + Kama Sutra Poses

    Spice up your relationship and take things to the next level with the 100+ Kama Sutra Poses game! Perfect for couples of all levels, this bedroom accessory includes a bucket list scratch-off poster that shares 104 Kama sutra sex poses, divided into three levels of difficulty.

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  89. Custom Personalized Boxer
  90. Custom Personalized Boxer

    Surprise your special man by giving him a boxer with your own face or another photo of him printed on it! This funny and quirky gift will surprise him and create lasting memories. This gift will undoubtedly make your loved ones laugh and smile this Valentine's Day!

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  91. Couple Game for weekly Quality Time
  92. Couple Game for weekly Quality Time

    It's an easy way to draw close without much preparation and will make any night special. This card game includes one year of love, which includes date night ideas, couple conversation cards and fun games for couples. Perfect as romantic gift for her or anniversary gift for couple!

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  93. Fill in the Love Book
  94. Fill in the Love Book

    This book is the perfect way to express your feelings! With fill-in-the-blank lines, it's easy to write a message and it will make a great keepsake that can be cherished for years to come!

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  95. Electric S'mores Maker
  96. Electric S'mores Maker

    This campfire tradition has been brought right into the comfort of your home, making it easy to share perfectly roasted s'mores. With two stainless steel roasting forks and four-compartment trays, you'll be able to treat your loved ones with a romantic night they won't forget. 

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  97. Picnic Basket Set
  98. Picnic Basket Set

    This lovely natural wicker basket set for two includes all the necessary accessories and has a large built-in insulated section designed to fit a bottle of wine, foods, drinks, and key supplies. This gift will make her picnic or beach day trip romantic experience unforgettable!

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  99. Custom Fridge Magnets
  100. Custom Fridge Magnets

    These magnets are perfect gift ideas for couples and make it easy to capture memories of special moments you’ve shared together. Decorate your fridge, office space or anywhere you please with these unique personalized keepsakes – the perfect way to preserve the most precious memories.

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  101. Custom Personalized Kissing Elephant Couples Keychains
  102. Custom Personalized Kissing Elephant Couples Keychains

    These keychains are in the shape of elephants, which are a symbol of good luck and peace of mind. You can personalize the metal tag with a special message for your loved one. The keychain comes in a beautiful gift box, making it the perfect present for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or any other special occasion.

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  103. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small
  104. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

    This unique book will inspire your loved one to seek out adventure and explore the world in a way they never thought possible. With over 1000 life-affirming activities across 7 continents, they’ll find the perfect destination for their dream vacation. Easily locate country-by-country attractions or explore by longitude and latitude, there’s something for everyone so plan the journey and make memories that will last forever!

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  105. Best Road Trips in the USA Book
  106. Best Road Trips in the USA Book

    Planning a romantic United States road trip? Skip the stress of planning and grab this Best Road Trips in the USA guidebook! From Route 66 to the Pacific Coast Highway, let Fodor's trusted local experts help you make the most of your time with detailed maps and carefully curated recommendations. Get your Valentine a special surprise this year and make it an unforgettable adventure!

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  107. Our Bucket List Journal
  108. Our Bucket List Journal

    This beautiful keepsake journal allows you and your loved one to document and enjoy the journey of accomplishing your joint bucket list. With plenty of space for writing their stories, dates, notes and more, you'll both be inspired by new ideas and get closer as you reach those wildest dreams together.

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