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Veja Sustainable Sneakers Are Fit For A Princess

Veja Sustainable Sneakers

The Meghan Markle effect is alive and well in the world of fashion. No matter where you are in the world, you’ve likely seen something about the Royal Wedding or an outfit or two that Markle has worn. But when the now-Duchess of Sussex wore Veja’s sustainable sneakers, the brand didn’t even notice. Yes, really. Thankfully, I did, and I can attest to the shoes being fit for a princess — or just a lazy Saturday look.

It’s no secret that I love sustainable brands. The products are great, but besides that there is so much thought that goes in behind the scenes. The brand uses sustainable leather, organic cotton, and wild rubber from the Amazonian Forrest to make its shoes. There is so much going on in Veja’s sustainable sneakers that they didn’t even know that Meghan Markle was wearing the brand’s shoes, according to Footwear News.

In fact, Veja doesn’t spend any money on advertising or paying celebrities to wear its shoes. Instead, the brand spends all its time and money paying workers fairly, finding the most Earth-friendly projects, and becoming as transparent as possible.

“Seventy percent of the cost of a normal big sneaker brand is related to advertising. So, eliminating ads, marketing costs, doing away with brand ambassadors and billboards means we can invest in our employees, our materials, our factories and, therefore, our planet. It means we can focus on the production chain and how to change it,” said Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, founders of Veja.

This is what sustainable shopping is all about. The brands might not smack you in the face. You won’t see every celebrity in the world wearing the items. but when they do, you’ll wonder why more people aren’t. Veja is that brand. The sustainable sneakers are the hidden gems of the world of sustainable fashion.

Veja focusses on sneakers and does it well. The brand has three different styles in tons of different colors. Similar to how Nike has its iconic swoosh, Veja puts a “V” on the side of the shoe. The name is also on the back tag of the shoe. Each shoe has a vibrant color, like true green, bright white, and pops of red.

I am obsessed with these shoes. Each one is a classic sneaker, but looks so chic. This is not your typical running shoe, people. This shoe is meant to be noticed. Every time I wear these sustainable sneakers, I style the outfit around them. I want them to be seen, and I want people to ask about the shoes, so I can tell them the story of how they were made. Being proud of what you wear is an incredible feeling. Knowing that Veja goes above and beyond to make each of the shoes as good for the planet as possible is worth shouting from the rooftops.

One look at Veja’s website and you’ll see why this brand is so great. There is a full rundown of every single item that makes up Veja’s shoes. I’m talking a full rundown of cotton, rubber, fairtrade ethics, limited, production, and upcycling. There are interactive charts showing exactly where the brand sources its cotton. Veja shows photos of people that fight to save the Amazon Forrest. There’s charts of production, breakdowns of where money is spent, and photos from the exact farms where materials are sourced.

I have seen a lot of great sustainable brands in my time living purposefully, but have never seen anything like this before. The transparency is incredible. I wish every single brand put this much time and effort into making a product that is both great for the consumer and for the planet.

Like mentioned before, Veja spends exactly $0 on marketing, branding, and getting celebrities to wear its products. That, my friends, is amazing. So what does Veja do with all the money that it’s saving? Using it to reinvent how people see sneakers.

“Since we started Veja in 2005, we never had a corporate Code of Conduct. We did the contrary : on field, we have been developing ourselves fair trade supply chains in Brazil, working directly with organic cotton producers, and with rubber tappers in Amazonia. We spent years in Brazilian factories, learning how to make sneakers step by step. This was and still is the goal of Veja, to change every step of the production chain from the raw materials to the stores,” Veja says on Instagram.

On top of all of that, these are amazing shoes. I love my Vejas. I feel great putting them on and just as good wearing them around all day. They’re comfortable, styling, and worth every penny. This will be a brand that I continue to buy from, no matter what age I am. They will never go out of style and the brand has proved through every aspect that it is worth my money.

You will not be disappointed by this brand. It might not spend money trying to woo you, but you will be wooed. After all, if it’s good enough for a princess, it’s definitely worth trying out.



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    These are so cute! Love finding these sustainable brands on your blog (: thanks for sharing

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