36 Handpicked Copper Gifts for him

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It’s time to break out of the gift-giving rut and try something a little more unique. How about a copper gift? Copper may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gifts for men, but it’s actually a versatile and stylish material that makes for some seriously cool gifts. Whether he’s a beer or whiskey connoisseur, a grill master, or just someone who appreciates a well-crafted watch, there are plenty of copper gift ideas for men that will make him smile.

So, ditch the socks and ties and give your guy something he’ll really appreciate – a copper gift that’s as unique as he is.

  1. Hand Engraved Antique Pure Copper Water Bottle
  2. Hand Engraved Antique Pure Copper Water Bottle

    This 30 oz. bottle comes with the ancient benefits of ayurveda, which have been trusted for centuries. Soak water in the copper vessel overnight and drink it up in the morning to improve the immunity and digestive system. He'll enjoy a vitality boost every day with this unique stainless-steel bottle. Plus, its hand-engraved design adds a lovely touch of artistry. Keep his health safe and stylish with this beautiful water bottle!

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  3. Moscow Mule Mugs Set
  4. Moscow Mule Mugs Set

    These top-grade copper cups, made 100% by hand, will make any drink taste more amazing. The set comes complete with 1 shot glass, 2 straws, and 2 coasters for an enhanced experience. An attention to detail unmatched means his hospitality will always be above par. (great for whiskey and bourbon lovers!)

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  5. Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet
  6. Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet

    Crafting 99.9% pure copper, these powerful bracelets contain 40 rare earth neodymium magnets for maximum effects. Magnetic therapy reduces inflammation, improves circulation, and restores positive energy - so he can feel his best! Plus, the brushed finish and protective coating make it durable as well as stylish.

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  7. Metal Fidget Toy
  8. Metal Fidget Toy

    This is a great way to help reduce stress and keep his mind active. It is made of high-quality copper-tone metal that is both durable and lightweight, with curved edges for comfortable play. Fidget away his worries and bring fun into his life!

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  9. Mini Griffin Pocket Tool
  10. Mini Griffin Pocket Tool

    This mini griffin pocket tool is an everyday essential. Compact and stylish, it packs 12+ tools that make quick work of any task. From a bottle opener to a prying tool, all his daily needs are covered in one sleek design. Plus, the EDM wire cut ensures precision and accuracy every time. This pocket tool will make a cool gift for him!

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  11. Sertodo Copper Espadín Petit Hip Flask
  12. Sertodo Copper Espadín Petit Hip Flask

    Give him something special for any occasion with this Sertodo Copper Espadín Petit Hip Flask. Crafted from 100% pure copper, each piece is hand hammered and unique, making it the perfect answer to his gift giving dilemma. The 7 oz flask fits easily into any pocket, bag, or briefcase, allowing him to take his favorite treats on his next big adventure. This gift will undoubtedly be treasured year after year and may even be passed down to future generations.

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  13. Raw Copper Bolt Action Pen
  14. Raw Copper Bolt Action Pen

    This raw copper bolt action pen blends timeless style with superior quality. Crafted with genuine copper, this sophisticated pen will last him a lifetime! Its sleek, light design makes it perfect for everyday use, while the heavy-duty construction ensures reliability and ease of use. Whether he's taking notes at a meeting or doodling in spare time, this raw copper pen will provide functionality and charm that will never goes out of style.

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  15. Frosty Beer 2 Go
  16. Frosty Beer 2 Go

    With vacuum insulated double wall stainless steel construction, this cooler will keep his favorite beer ice cold for hours. It features a conveniently-built-in bottle opener, so he'll never have to worry about forgetting one. The perfect size for any can or bottle makes it great for parties, picnics, and barbeques. It's definitely a fantastic gift idea for him!

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  17. Boska Cheese Fondue Party Set
  18. Boska Cheese Fondue Party Set

    This cheese fondue party set is perfect for all your cheese fondue needs! With a capacity of 1.7 liters (57 oz), it can hold up to 1300g of melted cheese. The set comes with a stylish and user-friendly copper fondue pan that can be used on ceramic, electric and gas stoves. It's even won the German Design Award for Product Design! The set also includes a concrete and stainless-steel base, 4 fondue forks, burner, recipe guide and manual – making it a great gift for just about anyone who loves cheese fondue.

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  19. Mini Copper Keychain Flashlight
  20. Mini Copper Keychain Flashlight

    This mini flashlight is crafted with premium copper and produces 450 lumens of light! It's easy to safely take on the go, with its pocket-sized design that can be quickly recharged. With 5 lighting modes - moonlight, low, medium, high and strobe -he'll have plenty of light for all his nighttime adventures. This will undoubtedly be a cool thoughtful gift for him!

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  21. Pure Copper Bedside Carafes
  22. Pure Copper Bedside Carafes

    Pure copper bedside carafes are made of pure copper and are the perfect bedside companion. He'll never be thirsty again with a 1.4 Lt capacity and a tumbler holding 8.4 Oz! These carafes are unlined, uncoated, and lacquer-free on the inside, making them ideal for a safe and enjoyable drinking experience. These bedside carafes are sure to impress your loved ones no matter what the occasion.

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  23. 1 Pound Copper Bar Ingot Paperweight
  24. 1 Pound Copper Bar Ingot Paperweight

    This one-pound copper bar ingot paperweight is made from the finest.999 pure copper ingot bars bullion and features a Periodic Table Element design on the front, leaving him captivated about what scientific discovery or project is being worked on. Enhance his desk space with this beautiful and valuable paperweight that also serves as an ideal home décor piece! (also makes a great gag gift!)

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  25. Inspiring Personalized Engraved Compass
  26. Inspiring Personalized Engraved Compass

    This inspiring personalized engraved compass is perfect for encouraging him to explore, dream, and discover. It's made of solid brass and antique pockets housing a bright copper compass rose and a red-tipped black compass needle which will always point toward magnetic north. Be reminded of Thoreau's inspirational words by engraving the inside lid with a special recipient's name, date, or achievement. Make his world adventure fun and exciting!

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  27. Desk Pure Copper Clock
  28. Desk Pure Copper Clock

    The ideal choice for anyone seeking true style and elegance. This clock is made of pure copper material, hand-polished brass details, and rust-resistant accents, giving it a timeless appearance. The mechanical clock and silent movement ensure precise timekeeping, while smaller details give this sophisticated item a personalized touch.

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  29. uKeg Carbonated Growler
  30. uKeg Carbonated Growler

    Perfect for portable celebrations, this ingenious invention will keep beer carbonated and cold for weeks. Equipped with a carbonation cap to adjust the level of carbonation, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel vessel, easy-to-use pressure gauge, and convenient dispenser tap. They can take their favorite craft beer or cocktail on any adventure. A great gift that will show thoughtfulness and consideration!

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  31. .308 Caliber Authentic Solid Copper Projectile Glass Gift Set
  32. .308 Caliber Authentic Solid Copper Projectile Glass Gift Set

    With this one-of-a-kind, you can express your appreciation to the men in your life. This carefully crafted set includes shatterproof glasses with a custom bulled design. Each set includes a wood gift box, two 10 oz old fashioned rocks glasses, and two 2 oz shot glasses. Ideal for any gun enthusiast or veteran!

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  33. Black Diamond Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
  34. Black Diamond Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

    These 16 oz mugs are crafted from 100% pure copper and feature a smooth lip with a securely welded handle for comfort and durability. With these mugs, he can enjoy chilled beers, frosted cocktails, lemonade and water without worrying about spills. A perfect gift for him, these mugs are sure to make any occasion special!

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  35. I'll Always Pick You Guitar Pick
  36. I'll Always Pick You Guitar Pick

    This handmade copper guitar pick has been perfectly shaped and stamped with the phrase 'I'll Always Pick You,' with an adorable heart accent on the side. This token of love measures 1 1/4 x 1 inches, crafted from 24-gauge metal so it can really be used to play. The guitar pick has been oxidized to give it a gorgeous rustic look that will make them think of you every time they strum their strings. (also a cute anniversary gift for her or Valentine's gift for dad)

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  37. Prince of Scots Bartender Kit
  38. Prince of Scots Bartender Kit

    Elevate his home bar with the luxury of this Prince of Scots Copper Bartender Kit. This gleaming set includes all the essentials for outfitting a home bar: two classic pure copper shakers and jigger, plus a stainless-steel tear drops spoon, strainer, and ice tongs. Finished with a premium lacquer coating, this timeless kit is sure to last many years, perfect for elegant entertaining. Cheers!

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  39. Copper Serving Tray
  40. Copper Serving Tray

    The high-quality 16" metal tray is modern and chic with its hammered design and copper tone. And he'll have no worries about cleanup, just hand wash for best results! Use it as an eye-catching décor piece in the kitchen, vanity, coffee table, or bar.

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  41. Pilar Copper EDC Folding Pocket Knife
  42. Pilar Copper EDC Folding Pocket Knife

    This multi-purpose blade is ideal for any situation. It's small enough to fit in his pocket while still being powerful enough to handle most cutting tasks. The classic satin finish blade has a modern look, and when combined with a stainless steel and copper handle, this knife truly stands out. It is also ambidextrous, with a thumb slot that allows for easy opening with either hand. This portable knife will make a fantastic gift for him that will not let him down!

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  43. Handmade Beer Mug
  44. Handmade Beer Mug

    This beautiful mug is 100% copper lined, held inside a classic wooden barrel for the ultimate drinking experience. It will keep his beverages colder for longer periods of time in the summer and keep his hot drinks warmer in the winter. The capacity is 16 ounces - perfect for beer, coffee, tea, or any other cold or hot drink. Make it a great gift for him! (and dads!)

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  45. Retro Classic Bluetooth 5.0 Keyboard
  46. Retro Classic Bluetooth 5.0 Keyboard

    Revive vintage style with the Retro Classic Bluetooth 5.0 Keyboard, complete with a genuine leather top plate and debossed indicator light markings, all printed in copper foil. Whether your man is a technology enthusiast, or he has an affinity for vintage artwork, this keyboard will make a great gift that pays homage to the past while embracing cutting-edge technology.

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  47. G-Shock Watch
  48. G-Shock Watch

    The new G-Shock GM-110RH-1A watch was created in collaboration with NBA star Rui Hachimura! This rugged and stylish watch, with a stainless-steel bezel and copper ion plating, adds a bold look to any ensemble. The yellow, green and red accents on the face represent the flag colors of Benin, bringing a unique flair to the design. With its long battery life and shock resistant construction, this G-Shock is perfect for any active lifestyle. 

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  49. Back Scratcher
  50. Back Scratcher

    Crafted from copper, this handy tool will offer an easy and convenient way to scratch his back without any help. Not only practical, but it's also totally hilarious, he'll absolutely love and laugh at this back scratcher. It's a great gift idea for any occasion!

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  51. Custom Copper Tie Bar
  52. Custom Copper Tie Bar

    Crafted from copper, this stylish accessory is personalized with Roman numerals, a word, initials, a date and/or design on the front side, with optional text on the back of up to 24 characters each side. Packed in a beautiful jewelry gift box with a ribbon ready to make that special someone's day. 

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  53. Copper Horseshoe - 7 Year Anniversary Wedding Gift
  54. Copper Horseshoe - 7 Year Anniversary Wedding Gift

    Celebrate your 7-year anniversary with this hand-crafted copper gift! Made in a beautiful horseshoe shape, it serves as a reminder of all that you have spent together and all that you will continue to cherish over the years. A perfect representation of love, luck and happiness, this gift is sure to make his day special. Embrace the "Forever to go" spirit! The perfect gift for him!

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  55. Personalized Lucky Copper Penny Keychains
  56. Personalized Lucky Copper Penny Keychains

    Give the special man in your life a unique and meaningful gift with our personalized lucky copper penny keychains! Crafted from real copper pennies, each set includes two matching keychains with a personalized date and initials of your choosing. Get one for yourself too and keep the good luck going!

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  57. Moscow Mule Shot Glasses
  58. Moscow Mule Shot Glasses

    Perfect for Moscow mule shots, chilled shots, cocktails, desserts and espresso, these mini mugs are made from 100% genuine copper plating and lacquered to resist tarnishing. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these 2oz glasses make a great addition to the home bar or as a gift for him! 

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  59. Vintage Belgian Siphon Coffee Maker
  60. Vintage Belgian Siphon Coffee Maker

    Featuring a beautiful copper design and brown wooden base, it's sure to impress and be the centerpiece of any kitchen. This set includes all he needs to get started, including heat-resistant glass, plated balancing shaft and handle, filter cloth, measuring spoon, cup and an easy-to-follow user manual. With this luxury balance siphon coffee maker, he can make coffee in a new and exciting way that he and his friends will undoubtedly enjoy watching!

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  61. Luxury Copper Clean Wallet
  62. Luxury Copper Clean Wallet

    This wallet has a luxurious, minimalistic design that pairs perfectly with any outfit. It's lightweight and stored conveniently in a pocket. On the inside, RFID protection shields his credit card data from bad actors and stores up to 10 cards safely. 

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  63. Copper Pineapple Mug with Straw
  64. Copper Pineapple Mug with Straw

    Made with genuine copper for a stylish look that won't tarnish, this mug is perfect for cocktail parties and makes a great conversation starter. Each one is handcrafted in India with attention to detail, making it a gift that will be cherished forever.

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  65. Mr and Mrs Mugs Set
  66. Mr and Mrs Mugs Set

    Mr and Mrs Mugs are ideal for any couple! These ceramic mugs are designed with simplicity and style in mind. They make an excellent wedding or engagement gift to celebrate his special day. With a 15oz capacity, he can enjoy coffee, milk, or juice with his significant other in a classic way.

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  67. Orgone Pyramid
  68. Orgone Pyramid

    This Orgone Pyramid creates a healing energy field that helps to reduce stress, improve meditation and bring inner peace. Each pyramid is crafted with genuine copper coils and a selection of healing crystals and stones that transmute negative energies into positive forces, enhancing body healing. A great tool for yoga, meditation and spiritual protection. (great for happy hippies too!)

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  69. Fire Pit Palermo Copper with Steel Stand
  70. Fire Pit Palermo Copper with Steel Stand

    This elegant, genuine copper fire bowl has a hammered texture and a tooled rim atop an exquisitely designed wrought-iron-style stand. With the fire pit's spark screen, fire tool, and separate steel grate for extra protection and longevity, you can rest assured that his outdoor gathering space is safe and efficient. If you want to surprise the man in your life with a one-of-a-kind gift, this firepit is the perfect choice!

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  71. Custom Handmade Ring
  72. Custom Handmade Ring

    This custom-made Damascus steel ring is a beautiful, unique gift for him. The domed shape and copper-filled grooves are eye-catching and visually stunning. Show your special someone that you care with this one-of-a-kind item. Not just sturdy and resilient but also elegant, this ring will bring out the best in any outfit.

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