34 Barrel Aged Gift Ideas for Bourbon Lovers

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The ultimate gift guide for bourbon enthusiasts! Whether you’re shopping for a whiskey lover in your life or just looking to treat yourself to some top-notch sipping spirits, we’ve got you covered. From personalized bottles and cocktail sets to fancy decanters and artisanal mixers, these gift ideas are sure to impress even the most discerning bourbon connoisseur.

So grab a glass and let’s get to sipping and gifting!

  1. Smoke Barrel Kit
  2. Smoke Barrel Kit

    This complete smoker kit is the ideal gift for bourbon enthusiasts, bringing the experience of craft cocktail bars right into their own home. This kit comes ready to use on arrival, with a 5-liter oak barrel, smoke lid, LED lights, wood chips, culinary torch and butane. They can smoke multiple drinks at once, with a capacity of 2-4 whiskey glasses, and it takes less than a minute. Plus, the clear acrylic door and internal LED lights will allow them and their guests to enjoy the immersive smoke show. 

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  3. Aroma Enhancing Bourbon Glasses Set
  4. Aroma Enhancing Bourbon Glasses Set

    This powerful Aroma Enhancing Bourbon Glasses Set will undoubtedly enhance their whiskey-drinking experience. Each hand-blown glass raises the surface-to-air ratio, allowing aromatic scents to be focused directly on the nose. This combination will enhance the aroma and flavor of their bourbon, bringing out its full potential! These premium lead-free glasses set will make a decadent gift for whiskey, bourbon, cocktail, and cognac enthusiasts!

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  5. Ultra Rare Edition Engraved Glencairn Glasses Set
  6. Ultra Rare Edition Engraved Glencairn Glasses Set

    This Glencairn glasses set promises a flavorful bourbon-tasting experience with every sip. Expertly designed by whiskey experts with its curvy bowl, the smooth flavor and aroma will hit their nose and palate without a harsh bite. The glasses and wooden gift box will be personalized with precision laser engraving, making this set truly special and unique. Perfect for bourbon aficionados or as an extra special gift for anniversaries and birthdays alike, you can’t go wrong with this one-of-a-kind set!

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  7. LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Display
  8. LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Display

    This 20-inch display has two tiers, so they can store and show off their favorite bottles. With its remote control, they'll have easy access to the lights for customizing the shelf's atmosphere. Show off their selection and create a fun ambiance that will grab the attention of their guests. Perfect for homes or bars, this stylish gift will make their decor stand out!

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  9. Bourbon Definition T-Shirt
  10. Bourbon Definition T-Shirt

    This classic tee features a humorous phrase about favorite amber liquid, sure to make any bourbon connoisseur chuckle. With its timeless design and simplistic color scheme, this top will easily become a go-to item of clothing. Great for casual hangouts or as a fun gift for family and friends who love bourbon! (great for dads!)

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  11. BourbonTrek Game Set
  12. BourbonTrek Game Set

    Perfect for bourbon connoisseurs and beginners alike, this set features trivia cards in four separate categories: History and Lore, Science and Craft, Pop Culture, and Neat or Not. Answer questions correctly to earn barrels (points) as they explore the world of bourbon on their journey. Whether bonding over a barrel-aged spirit at home or enjoying a dram together over a backyard campfire – the BourbonTrek Game Set will make the perfect gift for any bourbon lovers!

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  13. Beginner Bourbon Recipe Mash and Fermentation Kit
  14. Beginner Bourbon Recipe Mash and Fermentation Kit

    This high-quality kit has everything they need to make a delicious 5-gallon mash of Bourbon Whiskey, whether they're a whiskey novice or a seasoned drinker. Specialty grains allow for faster maturation of flavor, while the included medium toast oak chips provide an oak-infused imbibing experience faster than staves or barrels. This package also includes step-by-step instructions for making their own whiskey at home. Make it a unique gift for the bourbon enthusiasts in your life!

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  15. Bartender Kit with Whiskey Smoker
  16. Bartender Kit with Whiskey Smoker

    With everything they need to make drinks of any complexity, it's perfect for impressing their friends or learning the tricks of the trade. Plus, it comes with a drink smoker and cherry wood chips to add atmospheric smoke to their creations. Complete with all the right tools, cocktail shaker, double sided jigger, bar spoon, liquor pourers, cork, ice tongs, hawthorn strainer and more. It will be an ideal pick for aficionados of all ages!

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  17. Whiskey Cigar Glasses Gift Set
  18. Whiskey Cigar Glasses Gift Set

    Take their breath away with this incredible whiskey-cigar glasses set, perfect for the connoisseur or special occasion. These lead-free, dishwasher-safe glasses are handcrafted for an elegant yet luxurious addition to any barware collection. Besides that, they are made of high-quality materials that ensure a healthier and better-tasting experience every time! These glasses feature a built-in cigar rest as well as whiskey chilling stones, making them an excellent gift for any bourbon enthusiast.

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  19. Bourbon and Spice Candle
  20. Bourbon and Spice Candle

    Crafted with a double oaked bourbon scent, this candle features fragrant notes of amber, vetiver and ginger root to fill any room. The recycled clear glass container is topped with a cork stopper that has been responsibly harvested from sustainable cork trees. Perfect for your favorite bourbon lover! (leather lovers might also appreciate the smell of this one!)

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  21. Wooden Coasters with Holder
  22. Wooden Coasters with Holder

    The perfect addition to any home - these handcrafted Wooden Coasters with Holder are elegant and beautiful. Combining natural cedar wood and epoxy resin, they'll protect their tables and countertops from water rings while adding a stunning touch to their decor. With their warm cedar aroma, they make a lovely gift for bourbon or wood lovers. 

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  23. Glencairn Glasses Set in Travel Case
  24. Glencairn Glasses Set in Travel Case

    Enjoy single malts and aged blends in their purest form, with every sip capturing a unique bouquet. Its tapered mouth allows for an easy drinking experience, as the whiskey’s color is fully appreciated through the wide bowl design – all while being easy on the hand, thanks to its solid base. The ultimate gift for any bourbon lover who travels frequently!

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  25. The Glencairn Water Pipette
  26. The Glencairn Water Pipette

    Ready to take their bourbon drinking to the next level? The Glencairn Water Pipette is a must-have for any bourbon or whisky enthusiast! A few drops of water, carefully crafted to complement the Glencairn Glass, can unlock better aromas and flavors, providing enhanced tasting notes they'll enjoy. It's the perfect gift for any bourbon fan, and it'll help them find their perfect taste profile in no time.

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  27. Blanton's Bourbon Set of Stoppers
  28. Blanton's Bourbon Set of Stoppers

    This set includes 8 stoppers so they can guard their favorite spirits from oxidation, evaporation, and other environmental factors. Ideal for all true connoisseurs of Blanton's, these stylish and secure stoppers will help keep their hard-earned bourbon sparkling and enjoyably potent for longer! 

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  29. The Bourbon Bible
  30. The Bourbon Bible

    The Bourbon Bible is the ultimate bourbon resource! Learn all about bourbon, from its history and distillation process to the flavors of 140 of the finest bourbons in the world. Dive into 20 classic bourbon cocktail recipes, as well as expert tips on choosing the right bottle. Perfect for any bourbon lover – make it a gift they won't forget. (also great for book lovers)

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  31. Crystal Snifter Glasses with Candle Gift Set
  32. Crystal Snifter Glasses with Candle Gift Set

    This special set includes two of our signature perfectly crafted whisky glasses and a 100% soy wax candle infused with the aromas of whiskey and buttery caramel. The effortless design of these snifters will open the beautiful aromas of whisky for full appreciation. With its bowl-shaped design, the glasses will channel aromas to its narrowed rim, concentrating the tasting notes for a superior experience. If you're looking for a perfect gift for bourbon lovers, this Candle & Glass Set is sure to be the perfect choice.

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  33. 12 Gauge Patriotic Whiskey Decanter
  34. 12 Gauge Patriotic Whiskey Decanter

    Modeled after a 12-gauge shotgun shell, this premium glass and metal decanter offers a unique and modern way to serve their favorite bourbon. With a removable base for easy cleaning, this 28oz decanter is perfect for making any event special. Make it even more memorable by giving the 12 Gauge Whiskey Decanter as a gift to the bourbon lover in your life.

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  35. Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Whole Bean Set
  36. Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Whole Bean Set

    If you're looking for the perfect gift for a bourbon lover who loves coffee, try this Cooper's Cask Coffee Set! Comes with four single-origin, grade one barrel-aged coffee flavors in a custom box set - from bourbon to rye whisky and rum. These beans have been praised internationally by whiskey & coffee drinking blogs around the world. Treat your recipient to an unforgettable coffee experience!

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  37. Mixology Bartender Kit
  38. Mixology Bartender Kit

    The Mixology Bartender Kit is a must-have for any home bar and includes everything they need to make their favorite cocktails. This 20-piece set comes with everything they need to make any cocktail they can think of. This set is a festive and fun gift that is also packaged in a luxury gift box, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. Cheers!

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  39. Snifter Tasting Glasses Set
  40. Snifter Tasting Glasses Set

    Perfect for bourbon, scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, Canadian, Japanese malt and rye whiskey, the snifters boast gently rounded tulips and narrow necks to maximize aroma and aeration of the spirit. The ideal gift for bourbon lovers - bring out the true flavors of their favorite dram with these tasting glasses!

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  41. Cremo Bourbon & Oak Cologne Spray
  42. Cremo Bourbon & Oak Cologne Spray

    Its unique blend of distiller's spices, smoked bourbon and oak come together to create a masculine scent that is sure to tantalize. Once applied, they're bound to feel uncommonly good while leaving a lasting impression wherever they go. Cremo's Bourbon & Oak Cologne is perfect for any bourbon lover who wants to wear the same scent they love. 

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  43. Casematix Protective Carry Case
  44. Casematix Protective Carry Case

    This carrying case will make bourbon enthusiasts' travels easier! Ideal for transporting a single bottle of their favorite whiskey and any related accessories. With a flat foam layer to absorb impact and customizable internal layers to fit all of their needs perfectly. This protective case will be an amazing companion for any on-the-go drinking occasion!

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  45. Wall Bourbon Knowledge Tin Sign
  46. Wall Bourbon Knowledge Tin Sign

    Show off your appreciation for fine whiskey with this unique Wall Bourbon Knowledge Tin Sign. With its old-fashioned design, it adds a touch of retro style to any room. Made from durable metal, this sign is made to last and will always attract attention from curious visitors. Whether as a thoughtful gift or an amusing addition to their décor, this tin sign is sure to bring a smile to everyone. (also a great biker garage gift!)

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  47. Whiskey Glass with Insulated Stainless Steel Sleeve
  48. Whiskey Glass with Insulated Stainless Steel Sleeve

    Now they can enjoy their whiskey and keep their hands toasty warm, no matter the season! This all-in-one sleeve and glass is made of stainless steel insulation, which keeps the whiskey ice cold until the last drop is gone. They'll enjoy using it whether they're relaxing alone or entertaining friends.

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  49. Metal Bullets Stones
  50. Metal Bullets Stones

    These whiskey stones come in a luxury and presentable wooden box with a base. Whether you're gifting a scotch, bourbon or whiskey lover, these whiskey stones make an unforgettable gift that all can enjoy. With temperatures in the 45℉ to 60℉ range, Metal Bullets Stones will keep their drinks at the perfect temperature for the best tasting experience.

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  51. The Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails
  52. The Big Book of Bourbon Cocktails

    This essential guide, written for aficionados and aspiring connoisseurs, includes 100 inventive recipes for classics and creative concoctions to make with bourbon. They'll learn how to create cocktails based on flavor profiles, how to make their own grenadines and syrups, and how to use proper terminology while learning what makes bourbon great. They 'll be able to raise their spirits in style with the big book of bourbon cocktails!

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  53. Handcrafted Decanter Diamond shaped Set
  54. Handcrafted Decanter Diamond shaped Set

    Handmade and hand-blown with precision by skilled craftsmen, this whiskey decanter set contains a glass decanter stopper, 2 diamond-shaped glasses and a Mahogany wood holder - ensuring they will have everything they need for an enjoyable drinking experience. They will undoubtedly enjoy the highest quality drinks in style!

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  55. Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mix Bundle
  56. Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mix Bundle

    This cocktail mix set is ready to help them whip up a delicious 51 drinks with ease. They'll get three different kinds of old-fashioned mix, each crafted from high-quality ingredients for amazing flavor: No. 1 Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned Mix, No.4 New Orleans Style Old Fashioned Rouge, and No.6 Oaxacan Old Fashioned Mix. These mixes are all-natural and handcrafted and perfect for creating unique and tasty drinks wherever they go.

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  57. Premium Home Bartender Cocktail Kit
  58. Premium Home Bartender Cocktail Kit

    This premium home bartender kit is the ideal present for the bourbon connoisseur in your life. This set includes a crystal mixing glass, Hawthorne strainer, stirring spoon, stainless steel jigger, and a stylish wood stand. This small kit contains only the tools needed to make delicious drinks and impress guests. Whether they're making classic cocktails or inventing new ones, this premium kit has everything they need to become the at-home mixologist of their dreams.

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  59. Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit - The Cocktail Box Co.
  60. Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit - The Cocktail Box Co.

    The perfect mix of class and convenience, The Cocktail Box Co.’s Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit is the perfect gift for any occasion! Ideal for travel, it fits in a pocket or briefcase, so they can bring superior cocktail ingredients wherever they go. Every kit includes bitter for cocktails, lemon zest, sugar cubes, bar muddler spoon, and a handwoven cocktail napkin – everything needed to craft 3 delicious Old Fashioned cocktails! 

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  61. Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch
  62. Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch

    This amazing set includes a cocktail smoker, whiskey stone, torch, and whiskey glass, all presented in an elegant ready-to-gift box. Expertly crafted with oak or cherry wood, the smoker infuser kit will allow them to uncover tantalizing aromas that can elevate each sip of their favorite drink. Easy to use no matter the level of expertise!

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  63. Unbreakable Cocktail Whiskey Glasses
  64. Unbreakable Cocktail Whiskey Glasses

    Get the perfect drinking companion for the bourbon lover in your life with this unbreakable cocktail bourbon glasses! These Tritan plastic tumblers are durable, dishwasher safe, and BPA-free. Ideal for bourbon, scotch or double old fashioned rocks glasses, these 12 oz cups set of 4 have been made with comfort in mind. 

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  65. Strongwater Original Cocktail Bitters Sampler
  66. Strongwater Original Cocktail Bitters Sampler

    Handcrafted and travel-friendly, this is the perfect sampler gift cocktail that'll truly lift up their spirits. With five 1/2 oz dropper bottles of intense flavors including Cherry, Orange, Aromatic, Black Walnut and Lavender, each bottle is sure to impress and delight. Simply pour and enjoy!

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  67. Wall-Mounted House Liquor Dispenser
  68. Wall-Mounted House Liquor Dispenser

    This wall-mounted feature is made from food grade material and has an advanced aluminum alloy frame, making it solid and sturdy once attached to the walls. It's also easy to install - simply add a few screws and they'll be ready to mount it. Not only is the design nice-looking, but it holds up to 4 liquor bottles for the convenience. (looks great by the grill!)

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