30 Gifts for Pilots That Are Sure To Land

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As a pilot, they’ve flown the skies and seen just about everything. But when it comes to gift-giving, you may be feeling a bit grounded. Never fear! We’ve compiled a list of the best gift ideas for pilots that will have them soaring with joy. From practical items to fun and unique gifts, there’s something here for every type of aviator.

So strap in and prepare for takeoff, because these gifts are sure to fly off the shelves!

  1. Pilot Kneeboard with Aluminum Clipboard
  2. Pilot Kneeboard with Aluminum Clipboard

    The Pilot Kneeboard with Aluminum Clipboard is a must have for pilots! This aluminum kneeboard is both durable and functional. It includes a metal clip for holding charts or other documents, as well as a pen holder, so they're ready to go! They can use it as a stand-alone kneeboard or insert it into the transparent compartment, which fits iPad and tablet sizes ranging from 9" to 11" and allows for 360° rotation.

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  3. XL Scratch Off Map with Frame
  4. XL Scratch Off Map with Frame

    Its bright colors and classic matte black background really stand out, and the 24 (h) x 36 (w) inch dimensions will give them plenty of space to show off their routes. Plus, this map has been triple checked for accuracy, so they always know they're getting the most up-to-date information. This well-organized and professional-looking wall decor will undoubtedly make an excellent gift for any pilot!

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  5. Garmin D2™ Air X10 Touchscreen Aviator Smartwatch
  6. Garmin D2™ Air X10 Touchscreen Aviator Smartwatch

    This touchscreen aviator smartwatch is the perfect flying companion, with GPS, aviation weather, call and text capabilities, health and wellness features and more. they can access to all the necessary data to make the best out of each flight such as view METARs and TAFs for winds, visibility, barometric pressure and more. Navigate directly to a location or find waypoints within the worldwide aeronautical database from any compatible smartphone.

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  7. Lightspeed Aviation -The Markham
  8. Lightspeed Aviation -The Markham

    This beautiful leather bag is encased in full grain, oiled South American cowhide leather on espresso brown and contrasting black pockets to make you stand out from the crowd as a daring trendsetter. It's the perfect companion for pilots who embrace adventure and want to write their own aviation story. Compact and functional, the Markham Flight Bag will make it easy to take their journey anywhere.

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  9. Fisher Space Pen - The Original Astronaut Pen
  10. Fisher Space Pen - The Original Astronaut Pen

    Fisher Space Pen - The Original Astronaut Pen is simply the most versatile pen ever created. Write from any angle, even in Zero Gravity! It can work in extreme temperatures from -30°F to 250°F. This pen has a chrome-plated solid brass body. The pen's weight will feel reassuring in their hand as they write, and its unique design ensures that they will always retract the point before picking it up or putting it away.

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  11. Pilot Jokes: Huge Selection Of Funny Jokes For Pilots
  12. Pilot Jokes: Huge Selection Of Funny Jokes For Pilots

    With the incredible Pilot Joke Book, they'll have a blast reading jokes and stories that can make even the hardest of aviators laugh out loud. Give your pilot friends and family a great gift to enjoy and take on their next journey in aviation. Inside, they'll find loads of high-quality jokes, cheesy gags and hilarious stories that will keep them entertained for hours! Great for pilots, co-pilots, first officers or just lovers of aviation - get ready for some hilarious flying fun! (makes a funny gag gift too!)

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  13. Serengeti Summit Sunglasses
  14. Serengeti Summit Sunglasses

    With superior frame and lens quality, comfort and definition, they'll be in complete control whether they're flying or driving. These lenses will give them excellent clarity so they can fly or hit the open road with confidence. Plus, they're made with lightweight and flexible Nylon TR90 frames that are durable and comfortable too. The perfect gift for any adventurous pilot on a budget!

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  15. Relaxation Gift Set
  16. Relaxation Gift Set

    Give the busy pilot in your life the ultimate relaxation experience, complete with natural aromatherapy balms and a microwavable wheat bag. The set includes two 100% natural aromatherapy balm sticks, one full-sized De-Stress balm and a Sleep Well mini balm, as well as a Wheat Bag for warming hugs that help soothe aches and pains. Put an end to long hours of work and travel – the ideal way to help pilots unwind! (also great for book lovers)

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  17. Tea Tumbler with Infuser
  18. Tea Tumbler with Infuser

    This tea tumbler with infuser is ideal for all travelers! Put their favorite loose-leaf blend or pre-made teabags into the integrated strainer and start sipping. Whether they prefer hot or cold drinks, they will get exactly what they want with no wait time. Besides that, its leakproof design keeps everything safely contained. With precise craftsmanship, this tumbler fits easily into bags and can also be used for fruit water and coffee. This thoughtful gift will allow them to start brewing whenever and wherever they want! (great for happy hippies too!)

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  19. Citizen Chronograph Atomic World Time Watch
  20. Citizen Chronograph Atomic World Time Watch

    Its bold design, superior accuracy, and technological advancements will make it a standout luxury gift for the avid world traveler. It has atomic timekeeping in 26 time zones, a 1/20 second chronograph that measures up to 60 minutes, a perpetual calendar, 12/24-hour time, power reserve indicator, day/date functionality, and is water resistant up to 200 meters. It's crafted from silver-tone stainless steel with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal face, ensuring longevity and an unbeatable look.

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  21. Private Pilot Textbook
  22. Private Pilot Textbook

    This totally revised textbook includes all the latest updates on ATC services, ADS-B system, GPS navigation and more, making it the best guide for aspiring private pilots. Not only does it offer unbeatable content and guidance, but its innovative graphics and design make complex subjects easier to comprehend.

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  23. POWERUP 4.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit
  24. POWERUP 4.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

    With this new smartphone-controlled paper airplane kit, they can have an amazing aeronautical experience with just a sheet of paper. Featuring Bluetooth autopilot control and the accompanying app, they can review flight metrics, analyze their maneuvers and get flying tips to become a master pilot. This is the perfect gift for any budding aviator!

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  25. Be Safe I Need You Here with Me Leather Keychain
  26. Be Safe I Need You Here with Me Leather Keychain

    A reminder of just how important they are to you at home waiting for their safe return. Beautifully crafted from genuine leather and stamped with the words “Be Safe, I Need You Here with Me”, this keychain makes a meaningful gift that will be treasured for years to come. This thoughtful gift will make your special pilot feel extra special!

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  27. Funko Pan Am The Game
  28. Funko Pan Am The Game

    This captivating board game is one of the best new offerings for 2020 and makes an excellent gift for any pilot. Whether they're an experienced gamer or just starting out, now's their chance to get in on the action — fast-paced and fluid gameplay keeps everyone engaged. Its retro art and style will transport them back to the glamour of early air travel. In addition, 50+ airplane miniatures from four distinct eras will ensure the ultimate gaming experience.

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  29. Thule Crossover 2 Toiletry Bag
  30. Thule Crossover 2 Toiletry Bag

    This compact toiletry bag is the ideal bag for pilots! Keep their essentials in one convenient spot, with space to organize small items and two water-resistant pockets to keep contents dry. Easy to hang on a towel bar and easy to grab with a handle!

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  31. 3 in 1 Carry On Travel Backpack
  32. 3 in 1 Carry On Travel Backpack

    This travel backpack is ideal not only for pilots, but also for frequent travelers and business executives. This versatile 48L backpack has three carrying options, allowing them to leave it as a backpack, suitcase, or briefcase/shoulder bag. With a spacious design and convenient handle tube stacking, it'll make navigating airports a breeze! 

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  33. WiFi Digital Picture Frame with Battery
  34. WiFi Digital Picture Frame with Battery

    This picture frame is ideal for frequent flyers and long-distance relationship because it allows them to easily receive photos from anywhere in the world. With a brilliant 1280x800 display, it's as if they're standing right next to their loved ones! The access is made easier by a simple touch screen setup and multiple ways to send images, such as email, app, or web. Make even more memories by playing videos on the frame! Enjoy your favorite memories even when there is no power because this digital picture frame comes with a battery!

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  35. Neck and Back Massager with Heat
  36. Neck and Back Massager with Heat

    Combining Shiatsu kneading, rolling, compression, vibration and heat functions, this portable massage chair will give them a spa-like experience to help them completely eliminate fatigue and stress. They can relax their muscles and enjoy a soothing seat on the couch or chair at home or at work. This massager will be the perfect thoughtful gift for pilots after long hours of flying!

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  37. Classic Aviation Coasters Set
  38. Classic Aviation Coasters Set

    Give them a set of classic aviation coasters to spice up their table. These coasters, designed to look exactly like classic aircraft instruments, are the ideal way for pilots to show off their pilot style. Constructed with a robust polystyrene frame and black rubber anti-skid base, they will definitely look great in any setting.

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  39. Airplane Self Pull Corkscrew
  40. Airplane Self Pull Corkscrew

    Enjoy the thrill of takeoff with this airplane self-pull corkscrew! This gift is designed to open any wine bottle and make them look forward to taking a break from flying. Crafted with intricate detail, this corkscrew will make an excellent addition to any Aeronautical aficionado's collection.

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  41. Ultra Slim Portable Charger with Built in Cables
  42. Ultra Slim Portable Charger with Built in Cables

    It's lightweight and portable, but it packs a powerful punch with four high-speed output ports and two built-in charging cables. Charge your phone or tablet quickly using either the AC wall plug (110V - 240V) or the micro-USB port. This power bank is universally compatible, which means it will work with any device you own - ideal for pilots who need to keep their devices charged at all times!

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  43. Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine
  44. Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine

    This Minipresso NS espresso machine is ideal for anyone on the go! This gift will allow your special someone to make delicious espresso wherever they are. With this portable espresso machine, you can even get energy boosts in the air. Compatible with Nespresso Original Capsules, it's mess free and easy to clean!

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  45. TRX All-in-One Training System
  46. TRX All-in-One Training System

    The ideal gift for anyone who wants to stay fit! This lightweight, portable all-in-one suspension trainer will allow them to work out no matter where they are. This small but powerful full-body workout device weighs less than a pound and is simple to set up and transport. This gift will allow them to stay active even being away from a traditional gym!

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  47. GoPro HERO11
  48. GoPro HERO11

    Capture their adventures in stunning detail with the GoPro HERO11! With its revolutionary new image sensor, expansive field of view, and 5.3K60 Ultra HD Video with 27MP Photos they’re sure to have a memorable experience every time they use it. This action camera is waterproof and has an impressive 1/1.9" image sensor, making it a great gift for anyone who loves outdoor activities. They can even live stream or use it as a webcam plus enjoy built-in stabilization for smoother footage!

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  49. Antique Airplane Propeller Wall Clock
  50. Antique Airplane Propeller Wall Clock

    Upgrade their walls with this antique airplane propeller wall clock. Perfect for the pilot in your life, it combines airy aviation style with an artistic touch. Hand-welded and painted, it recalls classic antique methods for an attractive, timeless finish. With also its quiet operation, they'll get peace and plenty of style too!

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  51. Magnetic Bookmarks Aviation Inspirational Designs
  52. Magnetic Bookmarks Aviation Inspirational Designs

    These vibrant bookmarks feature unique designs and uplifting messages, perfect for inspiring pilots or aviator enthusiasts. The magnetic construction allows them to easily clamp onto books, documents, and other surfaces - just flip it down to mark a page and back up when they’re done! Get all of the encouragement they need with 6 pieces of inspirational design.

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  53. Fly Safe Journal Notebook
  54. Fly Safe Journal Notebook

    This "Fly Safe May your wings always bring you home" journal notebook is sure to make a great impression, with its inspirational saying and premium quality construction. Whether your loved one is a seasoned aviation pro or just starting out on a new journey, they can find joy and comfort in keeping all their ideas, plans and stories in this unique notebook.

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  55. Pilot Logbook for Simmers
  56. Pilot Logbook for Simmers

    Designed with quality and ease-of-use in mind, this handy notebook will let them prepare, organize, follow, track and record all of their virtual flights. Perfect for virtual pilots and student pilots alike, they will never miss a single detail and keep everything up to date. Ideal for taking notes and jotting down information required during preflight planning, enroute navigation or descent/approach and landing. 

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