37 Useful Housewarming Gifts for Men and Bachelors

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Welcome to our housewarming gift idea guide for men! If you’re looking for something unique and thoughtful for the man who’s just moved into a new home, you’ve come to the right place – From ultra classy to inexpensive bachelor pad housewarming gifts.

It’s time to put away the beer koozies and novelty hot sauce, because we’re upping our housewarming gift game. No more generic gifts that collect dust on a shelf, we’re here to help you find the perfect present to make any new home feel like home sweet home. Whether your friend is a whiskey connoisseur or a new bachelor, we’ve got you covered with unique and thoughtful ideas that will make their housewarming party one to remember.

  1. Wooden United States Beer Cap Map
  2. Wooden United States Beer Cap Map

    This unique gift is perfect for men who love craft beer. It holds up to 98 bottle caps - simply insert them into the deep slots from the back of the map and they'll stay put with no worries. It makes a great decor piece in any man cave, garage, cabinet or living room - a fun way to showcase his taste in beer!

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  3. Bamboo Cheese Charcuterie Board and Knife Set
  4. Bamboo Cheese Charcuterie Board and Knife Set

    This Bamboo Cheese Charcuterie Board and Knife Set is the perfect housewarming gift. With a round serving tray divided into 3 sections and a ceramic bowl, it's sure to be an instant hit! Perfect for fruit, nuts, cheese and biscuits, there's plenty of storage space for snacks. A great gift for new homeowners!

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  5. LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Display
  6. LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Display

    This 20-inch display has two tiers, so they can store and show off their favorite bottles. With its remote control, they'll have easy access to the lights for customizing the shelf's atmosphere. Show off their selection and create a fun ambiance that will grab the attention of their guests. Perfect for homes or bars, this stylish gift will make their decor stand out!

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  7. Natural Himalayan Salt Cooking Block with Iron Tray
  8. Natural Himalayan Salt Cooking Block with Iron Tray

    This gift set will delight steak lovers! This medium-sized block of 100% natural Himalayan salt is ideal for grilling, cutting, and serving favorite dishes. They get everything they need to make their meal extra sizzling and flavorful, including an iron tray and recipe pamphlet. Himalayan salt adds a distinct flavor to meats, fish, vegetables, seafood, and other dishes. Master Chef status is on the way!

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  9. Personalized Whiskey Barrel and Glasses
  10. Personalized Whiskey Barrel and Glasses

    This American pine barrel will add character and flavor to any beverage, making it an ideal gift for him who appreciates liquor. Its medium charred interior adds a distinct flavor to spirits, beer, wine, whiskey, rum, and other beverages. It also comes with a stand, bung, and spigot for easy drinking! Personalize this handcrafted barrel to make it a one-of-a-kind gift for this special occasion.

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  11. Leather Valet Tray
  12. Leather Valet Tray

    This valet tray is the ideal accessory for him to keep all of his small items organized and safe. Designed for quick access, this sleek tray has 6 compartments with plenty of room for pens, sunglasses, watches and even a small shoehorn. The lid-covered compartment is perfect for storing cards, cash and more while the giant charging station stand compartment on the right is specially made to drop in a smartphone.

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  13. Aromatherapy Men Candles Set
  14. Aromatherapy Men Candles Set

    Featuring inspirational messages throughout, these soy candles come with special aromatherapies formulated just for men. Handcrafted and designed specifically to relieve stress and create a peaceful atmosphere, this housewarming gift is sure to impress. 

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  15. ManSnacks Manly Gift Box
  16. ManSnacks Manly Gift Box

    Packed with delicious, mouth-watering beef snacks, it will be sure to put a smile on his face. This box comes complete with Summer Sausage, sharp Cheddar Cheese, Beef Truffle Jerky and more. As an added bonus, the stylish box itself serves as a great addition to any office or man cave. 

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  17. Circuit Board Coasters
  18. Circuit Board Coasters

    These coasters will add a touch of high-tech look to anything you put down. They are made of real circuit boards with a gold immersion surface, are temperature-resistant, and easy to clean, so you can confidently place hot or cold drinks on them. Non-slip pads will secure your favorite beverage. This present will undoubtedly make a lasting impression!

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  19. Mixology Bartender Kit
  20. Mixology Bartender Kit

    The Mixology Bartender Kit is a must-have for any home bar and includes everything they need to make their favorite cocktails. This 20-piece set comes with everything they need to make any cocktail they can think of. This set is a festive and fun gift that is also packaged in a luxury gift box, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. Cheers!

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  21. Millennium Falcon Board
  22. Millennium Falcon Board

    It's a one-of-a-kind, rustic cutting board with an engraving of a cosmic ship - the Millennium falcon! Crafted from solid wood with a natural leather handle and stainless bolts, it’s sure to make any kitchen better. Plus, it has oil coating to keep it safe from water affect, making it long-lasting.

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  23. Ammo Can Whiskey Glass and Stones Display
  24. Ammo Can Whiskey Glass and Stones Display

    This unique set comes with everything they need to enjoy their favorite spirits in style after a long ride or for sipping bourbon while tending to the grill. includes custom cocktail glasses, stones, tongs and coasters. It's the perfect way to show them how much you appreciate their taste - and sense of humor.

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  25. Personalized Man Cave Wood Sign
  26. Personalized Man Cave Wood Sign

    It's perfect for housewarming gifts and makes a great wall decor anchor anywhere from the living room to the workshop. With sleek monochromatic or colorful options to choose from, it's easy to add some personality to any space. Custom-engraved with his name, this one-of-a-kind sign is sure to make an impact!

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  27. Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)
  28. Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)

    This Amazon Echo Show 10 is the perfect home assistant! It is ideal for video calls, streaming shows and favorite recipes. With a 10.1” HD screen that moves with them, and premium speakers that deliver crystal clear audio. Alexa will make it easy to adjust lights, thermostat, security cameras and more with just a few words. This will be the ultimate gift, and they will loooove it!

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  29. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Candles
  30. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Candles

    These 3 replica candles are modeled after the dragon eggs owned by Daenerys Targaryen. Perfect for any fan of the hit HBO series, these candles will make a gorgeous housewarming gift for all ages. Add them to your home decor and prepare for the coming of winter!

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  31. Wolf Hunting Knife on Display Stand
  32. Wolf Hunting Knife on Display Stand

    This one-of-a-kind gift will add charm and rustic design to any lodge or cabin. This majestic grey wolf, crafted with a stainless-steel blade and a carved handle inset, will be an elegant showpiece to display in any living area. Give it as a thoughtful present to the outdoorsman, hunter, or wolf lover in your life!

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  33. Vintage Belgian Siphon Coffee Maker
  34. Vintage Belgian Siphon Coffee Maker

    Featuring a beautiful copper design and brown wooden base, it's sure to impress and be the centerpiece of any kitchen. This set includes all he needs to get started, including heat-resistant glass, plated balancing shaft and handle, filter cloth, measuring spoon, cup and an easy-to-follow user manual. With this luxury balance siphon coffee maker, he can make coffee in a new and exciting way that he and his friends will undoubtedly enjoy watching!

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  35. 3 in 1 Charger Dock Station
  36. 3 in 1 Charger Dock Station

    The perfect assistant to give him a more personalized and cozier atmosphere. Handmade out of genuine leather, this 3-in-1 Dock Station for an iPhone, Air Pods, and Apple Watch includes 6ft extension cables and a switchable nightlight for convenience. The 15W wireless magnetic charging stand is adjustable, allowing him to find the most comfortable working position for him.

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  37. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
  38. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

    The Ember temperature control smart mug is the perfect gift for dad who enjoys drinking hot coffee or tea. This mug will heat and maintain the drinks at his preferred temperature ranging from 120F to 145F, so he can enjoy every sip just the way he wants it. This high-tech mug holds 10 oz of the favorite beverage, with a built-in battery that will keep the drink warm for up to 1.5 hours or all day when paired with the charging coaster. Give him the best mug for this special occasion and he will enjoy an unforgettable hot beverage experience!

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  39. Movie Night Popcorn Kernel and Seasoning Variety Pack
  40. Movie Night Popcorn Kernel and Seasoning Variety Pack

    Let your movie night out be a movie night in with this perfect gift for any movie-lover. The package contains a variety of Non-GMO Project Verified popcorn kernels and tasty popcorn seasonings to satisfy every craving - from savory to spicy, sweet, and cheesy. 

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  41. Hydroponics Herb Growing System
  42. Hydroponics Herb Growing System

    Featuring a 12 Pod growing system and 36W full spectrum grow light, this system will ensure the herbs get everything they need to thrive year-round. The pump system, automated timer, and 23.8" adjustable height will give them complete control over the hydroponics environment so they can create amazing flavor-packed herbs, crisp lettuce or vine-ripened tomatoes with ease. (Just dont try to grow sunflowers in it!)

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  43. Cuisinart BBQ Tool Set
  44. Cuisinart BBQ Tool Set

    This 36-piece set comes with every single tool they need for backyard barbequing - from an adjustable spatula to a skewering fork to a corn holder - and also includes a book of delicious recipes for any grilling occasion. Its durable case ensures all tools stay safely stored and is compact in size for easy on-the-go travel, camping, RV-ing, or tailgating. 

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  45. Whiskey Cigar Glasses Gift Set
  46. Whiskey Cigar Glasses Gift Set

    Take their breath away with this incredible whiskey-cigar glasses set, perfect for the connoisseur or special occasion. These lead-free, dishwasher-safe glasses are handcrafted for an elegant yet luxurious addition to any barware collection. Besides that, they are made of high-quality materials that ensure a healthier and better-tasting experience every time! These glasses feature a built-in cigar rest as well as whiskey chilling stones, making them an excellent gift for any bourbon enthusiast.

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  47. Professional Leather Chef Apron
  48. Professional Leather Chef Apron

    The Dalstrong Professional Chef Apron is made of top-grain heavy duty Brazilian leather. It features a buckle closure and provides unparalleled strength with extra-thick buckles. With meticulous double stitched, extra-strength pockets and customized brass rivets, this apron is a durable and high-quality tool for any professional chef or griller. Plus, its iconic Dalstrong lion insignia will make it a stylish addition to any kitchen. (Great for steak lovers!)

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  49. Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
  50. Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    This amazing appliance has them covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making hot, hearty sandwiches in five minutes or less! They can use whatever fresh ingredients they have on hand, such as eggs and cheese. There's also a timer with an audible beep to let them know when the meal is ready, as well as some quick and easy recipes. Cleaning is also a breeze because all removable parts are dishwasher safe!

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  51. Breakfast Station
  52. Breakfast Station

    This retro 3-in-1 breakfast maker is perfect for busy mornings and comes with a full range of features, including a coffee maker, toaster, and egg cooker. They will make their favorite breakfast combination quickly and easily with this versatile gadget gift! 

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  53. Wall-Mounted House Liquor Dispenser
  54. Wall-Mounted House Liquor Dispenser

    This wall-mounted feature is made from food grade material and has an advanced aluminum alloy frame, making it solid and sturdy once attached to the walls. It's also easy to install - simply add a few screws and they'll be ready to mount it. Not only is the design nice-looking, but it holds up to 4 liquor bottles for the convenience. (looks great by the grill!)

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  55. uKeg Carbonated Growler
  56. uKeg Carbonated Growler

    Perfect for portable celebrations, this ingenious invention will keep beer carbonated and cold for weeks. Equipped with a carbonation cap to adjust the level of carbonation, vacuum-insulated stainless-steel vessel, easy-to-use pressure gauge, and convenient dispenser tap. They can take their favorite craft beer or cocktail on any adventure. A great gift that will show thoughtfulness and consideration!

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  57. Black Rock Grill Set
  58. Black Rock Grill Set

    This black rock grill set will make entertaining at home simple and delicious. The stones are heated to an extreme temperature, searing in all the natural juices of meat and vegetables for a juicy and delicious meal. Perfect for indoor or outdoor dining with friends and family, this grill set will make every dinner party sizzle!

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  59. Handmade Beer Mug
  60. Handmade Beer Mug

    This beautiful mug is 100% copper lined, held inside a classic wooden barrel for the ultimate drinking experience. It will keep his beverages colder for longer periods of time in the summer and keep his hot drinks warmer in the winter. The capacity is 16 ounces - perfect for beer, coffee, tea, or any other cold or hot drink. Make it a great gift for him! (and dads!)

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  61. Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener
  62. Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

    This cool wall mounted opener has strong magnets to automatically catch up to 30 beer caps for maximum efficiency. Enjoy a fun and stress-free experience with this must-have home essential.

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  63. Kohler Moxie Hand shower and Wireless Speaker
  64. Kohler Moxie Hand shower and Wireless Speaker

    This powerful speaker has "Best in Class" sound quality and is waterproof for safe listening. This gift will make listening and singing in the shower even more enjoyable. This wireless speaker can be used outside of the shower to stream music to any room, and the showerhead can be used independently.

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  65. Ninja Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill with Smart Thermometer
  66. Ninja Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill with Smart Thermometer

    With this thoughtful gift, they can now enjoy perfectly grilled steak in the comfort of their own kitchen. This incredible device combines a powerful 500°F with hot cyclonic air and a 500°F grill grate to provide them with the perfect char-grilled marks and flavor. It also includes the Foodi Smart Thermometer, which allows them to achieve the perfect doneness from rare to well-done within 4 protein settings and 9 customizable doneness levels with the touch of a button - no more hassle or guesswork! With this smart grill, they can also precisely air crisp, roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate their food.

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  67. Godiva Coffee French Press Gift Set
  68. Godiva Coffee French Press Gift Set

    Perfect for any housewarming occasion, this amazing bundle includes all you need to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. It includes two stylish 14oz ceramic mugs with Godiva logo, a 34oz French press and 4 oz Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee - enough to make any man feel special.

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  69. Wood Smoked BBQ Grill Set
  70. Wood Smoked BBQ Grill Set

    This Wood Smoked Grill Set contains all the essentials for great outdoor cooking. The included all-natural smoker wood chips (hickory, applewood and cherrywood) give the food an unbeatable smoky flavor and are free from toxins or artificial flavors. Plus, with this set they'll get not only the grilling tools, but also helpful instructions on how to get the perfect cook every time.

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  71. Bocce Backyard Games
  72. Bocce Backyard Games

    Perfect for men who love to entertain, this classic lawn bowling game is great for housewarming gifting. When you can't be at the beach or park, bring the fun home with bocce ball. Plus, it's fun and easy to play across all ages and skill levels (including beginners). So go ahead and gather your family, friends, and neighbors.

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  73. Himalayan Salt Lamp
  74. Himalayan Salt Lamp

    With its handcrafted metal casing and carefully crafted rock salt, it instantly adds a pop of décor to any room. The dimmable bulb creates a soothing, energizing atmosphere that can be used as a bed light, decorative light or meditation light.

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